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Production Run

Level 3
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Our customer is requesting to run a production from CW which will produce copies in PDF without redaction. The idea behind is to get a replica production of "Clean Copy" and "Redacted Copy".

This way it becomes easy for customer to review all the original documents and redacted documents in the same order.

Any idea on how to export without any redaction.



Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hello Ajay,

This may not be the 'best' way, but it'd give you what you've asked for:

When they redacted it would have gone to probably 'default' redaction set, unless they specified one. This would contain all the redactions made. You could create a new redaction set that would contain no redactions,  change this on the production folder options to the set with no redactions and re-produce (or better still create a second production folder with these same documents and apply this redaction set with no redactions).

Hope this makes sense, not the most elegant way - couldn't work out another way, someone else may have another suggestion.

Level 3
Partner Accredited

Hi Ajay,


You can also print to PDF using the print menu found under the "Action" menu. This will allow you to print clean versions of the production without the redactions.


Level 2

That sounds like an inefficient request.  At risk of putting words into your customer's mouth, what I think they really need is a single print-out showing the redactions as the gray overlay.  I say this based on the assumption that they want to do this side-by-side comparison in order to validate the redaction decisions.  If they can see the gray overlay of what is to be redacted but also still see the text underneath, they can verify the redactions without switching from one page to another, losing their place, etc.

Assuming that's the real underlying need, can you give the customer direct access to the Clearwell application so they can review (and even make corrections) online? 

Of course, that won't work if your customer is stuck in the paper-mindset.  Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to print the Redacted View the way it displays on-screen.  Print choices are Native or Production (with all redactions burned in to full-opaque), nothing in between.