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Remove password from psts

Level 3

Have PW protected pst files (we do not collect them - we get them from external sources).

Is there a way to provide pw to the file within CW? Or, does the pw have to be applied outside CW and then just re-process the file?


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you need to remove the password first then have Clearwell work on the content

Level 6

There are ways, with code, to strip passwords from PST files.  We do it in PST FlightDeck.

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I would also recommend using Advanced Outlook Repair by Datanumen. It is a great PST repair tool that far exceeds ScanPSTs capabilities. I've encountered many PSTs corrected by ScanPST that still had issues processing. A few of the great features about AOR is that you can do a bulk PST repair and it will traverse subdirectories, find all PSTs, and attempt to scan and repair all damaged PSTs (based on my experience it finds something wrong with pretty much every PST). Also, to specifically address your question, it will break the passwords on any PST during the repair process.

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