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Reviewing only emails between two specific parties

Level 3

Attorney wants only to see emails between two parties, doesn't want to see all emails sent and received by two custodians.  I have a process to do this but it is time consuming and wanted to know if Clearwell has an option in Advanced Search or some other manner of culling just these emails.


Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hello Donnalyn,

There might be easier and better ways to do this.

Under advanced search and participants add two rows: TO for one participant and FROM for the other participant, batch these results and do the same but switching TO and FROM over and repeat the batching of results into the same folder.

The difficulty may be that this included other e-mails where the TO participant is included as well as other people it was sent to, but you could then narrow down by using the filters against this folder (with the search results) for recipient names only ticking those two participants.