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Search only the body field - excluding attachments in Clearwell?

I am attempting to only search for keywords in the body of emails (not including attachments).  In the pull down box of the "Fields to Search" section, there is no option for a "body" content only search.  Is there a way to search only the body content of emails in Clearwell's Advanced Search?

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Hi,   Again a freeform search



Again a freeform search allows the specifying just the body of an email

the example in the user guide is...

However, the following query will ignore the wildcard and is essentially a simple search for 
"flaming lawn ornament" and will not find a document with "flamingo lawn ornament" in the 


I hope this helps


was this a solution ? if so

was this a solution ? if so please mark it as one or let us know if more information is needed.