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Server Rename

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We're running Clearwell 7.1.3 and soon to be upgraded to 8.1. Our datacenter is moving and with it our Clearwell appliance. If the hostname of the appliance is renamed, will this affect the Clearwell application/service?


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Partner Employee Accredited Certified

Hello R.P.R,


Is this a standalone server or does it have Utility Nodes or a distributed architecture setup?

For a standalone, I've done this my labs and it's worked with the exception of the SSL certificate no longer matching and this causing some problems - that would need to be updated if in place.

With a distributed architecture, it may get a little more complicated and require support - if you are the cluster master the other machines point to you by fqdn, similarly if you add utility nodes or other servers they communicate over fqdn and it may have somewhere pointing to the old fqdn after changing the hostname. It may be possible to 'break' any links and re-add them to resolve this.


Level 3

Hi Daly, thanks for the reply. For now it is a stand alone machine but at some point I would like this machine to be a secondary machine pointed to a primary server in our main site.