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Start over with fresh Clearwell Instance

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We have never used our Clearwell implentation in a legal case, just used for testing and playing around and need to clean it up as it was a fresh install. I tried cleaning up as much as I can through the web console but i cant delete old exchange servers, some old collection source locations that are nolonger valid will error when trying to be deleted, there are some old EV sources which we dont use EV anymore and also have a very long Employee List of junk that it only lets me delete one at a time. One main issue is that we now run Office365 (Exchange Online) and some of the users are not coming accross when selecting the mailbox in a new collection.

Any way to just hit the redo button and start over as a new clean implementation? If not is there a way to go into the MYSQL DB and clear out the issues stated above?


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Hello DB1975,

It can be done, I've sent you a PM - I am not sure this info should be on a public forum as if it's done without a backup, we've no way of recovering what is lost.


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Hello @DB1975,

Like @Daly mentioned, it can be done and it would take a lot of effort on the backend. I wanted to at least suggest that you completely uninstall eDiscovery Platform How to completely uninstall Clearwell and perform a fresh install.

Also, if you're not there already and interested, we've recently released the latest version Late Breaking News for eDiscovery Platform 8.2.


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