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Unable to restore a Case in Clearwell after moving archived data

I recently helped a customer change their backup location.  We copied over a archived case folder from the old backup location to the new.  Now when we try to restore the case, it fails.  The error message in the logs state:  

05/28/2014 10:15:30 Case restore failure:

com.teneo.esa.esacase.CaseManagerException: [#80116] An unexpected error occurred: [#156046] Unable to open data directory \\nscorp1\archive\CW_Case_Backup\cases\0.6.1321.1198292989-ISR2\ISR2\cluster\_lds_case_appliance_aru...


I noticed there is no data folder in the location but there is one in another subfolder.  Just copying that directory doesn't work.


Any thoughts on how we can get the case to restore?


Thank you.

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How did you copy it over?

How did you copy it over? What permissions does the copied folder now have (did it inherit anything from parent)? Would repointing to original location for this backup result in a successful restore (if it exists)?

Without a full logset, it might be difficult to determine - are you able to raise a case with support?

HI I had a simular problem


I had a simular problem previusly when moving a case from one location to another and found out that when moving / copying the case my copying utility was not configured to copy empty folders.
In another words make sure to  also copy empty folders !

The solution to my problem was to create by hand the empty folders and efter that I was able to restore the Case.

If you have the Case data at the original location you could also try to copy it again and make sure you copy empty folders as well.

Hope this helps to solve your problem