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Welcome to the New Clearwell eDiscovery Forum!

We are happy to annouce the launch of new Clearwell eDiscovery Forum on Connect. Here, you can find and share information related to the products of the eDiscovery platform namely:

  • Legal Hold
  • Identification & Collection
  • Processing & Analysis
  • Review adn Production
  • Case Management & Lifecycle Reporting

For more information regarding the products, please visit the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform website.

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Looking forward to the dialogue here!

Queries regarding Symantec's Clearwell eDiscovery Platform

If you have any queries regarding Symantec's Clearwell eDiscovery platform feel free to post your questions here. You can post functional questions as well as technical so let us know, we are happy to assist,

Jumping on the bandwagon to say hey and introduce myself

Hello All,

Jumping on the bandwagon to say hey and introduce myself as I hope to be active in here :)

I was hired by Symantec about 2 years ago specifically to support Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector. In the process of the product rollout I begin to primarily support Enterprise Vault Discovery and Compliance Accelerator and eventually core Enterprise Vault as a secondary. I was hired on with Clearwell in December 2011 and currently work frontline support for Clearwell in Symantec Heathrow.

If you have any questions feel free to direct them my way.


James Harris

Technical Support Engineer, Symantec


Clearwell – now a part of Symantec






Best Regards,
James Harris
Business Critical Engineer Veritas eDiscovery Platform
Business Critical Services
Veritas Technologies LLC

Welcome Jimmy!  I used to be

Welcome Jimmy!  I used to be the Partner Enablement Manager for EVDC when I was at StoredIQ.


Glad you are patrolling the forum here and helping build up the community.

New clearwell site, find web

New clearwell site, find web site very difficult to find things and beleive that Clearwell product doesn't get much visibility. How do I best get acclimated?

Any ideas on how many early

Any ideas on how many early adopters for the Clearwell 7.1.1? Or are there any successful stories?

Tom   This should be a new



This should be a new posting but I no longer have the rights to move it :( seeing as I'm an employee and not eligible to be a TA


To answer your question 7.1.1 is not a new release. it stems from 7.0


7.1.1 has been adopted by many. There have been many EV customers awaiting 7.1.1 release so they can utilize Clearwell for their eDiscovery needs against their EV environments

Now that Fix 1 has been released for Clearwell 7.1.1 it is bringing more attention because with Fix 1 the ability to put data on hold in EV is now available


The next few releases will bring additional EV integration as well as some cool new customer requested features.


Clearwell eDiscovery platform advancing how eDiscovery should work


Watch this space :)