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Resolved! Last left off prior to log off

Upon logging out, CW will ask if you want to be returned to the same doc when you log back in...or something along those lines.  You can also have it stop asking you about this function.  Is there a way to re-enable this feature?   Thanks!

ODS_Rob by Level 3
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Reviewing only emails between two specific parties

Attorney wants only to see emails between two parties, doesn't want to see all emails sent and received by two custodians.  I have a process to do this but it is time consuming and wanted to know if Clearwell has an option in Advanced Search or some ...

Resolved! Unable to run Clearwell Utility

Hi,   I am trying to run Clearwell utility and choose Stop all Clearwell Services but when I hit Enter it gives me error :   Stopping All Clearwell Services... ======== target = stop-services Buildfile: build.xml log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true)...

Resolved! Clearwell support for Windows 2012

Windows Server 2012 has been out for almost 18 months and the latest version of Clearwell 7.1.5, still doesn't support it. Will Clearwell version 8 run of Server 2012?   What are the hardware requirements for Clearwell 8? When will the roadmap/new ...

rajupateluk by Level 2
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Resolved! Clearwell cache location

I am in the process if migrating data for a customer from one appliance to another.  I simply did a backup and restore of the cases.  However, on the old appliance they have the cache and scratch location set to an external storage location.  When ch...

bpr186 by Level 3
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Legal Hold Notices

Is there a solution within the Clearwell Legal Hold module/tool to remove the confirmation link and language from the reminders and release notices? This is being asked because there is no relevant info for the custodian in the reminder and it causes...

HenryM by Not applicable
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Intermittent Retrieval of Document

I have a customer who has an issue retrieving documents.  It's not constant.  She will login to Clearwell, pull up the document list and messages will start giving her the error message [#10025] Mwssage referred by a URN could not be retrieved.  We t...

bpr186 by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! what's the default password for the clearwell 7.1.5

I am a newbie for  the clearwell. I have successfully installed the clearwell 7.1.5 on my computer. when I login into the clearwell UI, it asked me for the username and password. I have tried superuser/superuser, superuser/password, all of them didn'...

Heartbleed & Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell.

Hello, I thought it may be worth posting this, I know it has received alot of attention - for good reason. Please see below the official response on the Heartbleed vulnerability & Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell: http://www.syman...

Daly by Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Clearwell with or without EV?

I have a client I am working with whose legal department needs a more robust E-Discovery tool like Clearwell. Does Clearwell require Enterprise Vault to search Microsoft Exchange servers 2007 and 2013 or can it operate without EV?  

macinfc by Not applicable
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Resolved! Case Limit

Our Company began using Clearwell approximately a year ago.   At no point in time were we made aware that an appliance has a case limit of 100 on it.  Had we known that, we would have created different workflows for legal holds because currently we c...

Collecting From PC - Windows Sessions

Hello.  Two Windows sessions are established on the target machine when collecting from a Windows PC.  One of the sessions is the account the collection task was set to use.  It is the second session I'm not able to figure out.  Thought it might be o...

Resolved! Translating Documents in Clearwell

All,   We have a new case that i need some guidance with.  The case contains about 500,000 items.  Most of the items in this case are French or Hungarian language items.  What is the best way to translate these items?   Thanks mark