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Best Practice for Ongoing Collection Task-CW7.1.3

All,   Thanks for reading this.  I was wondering what my best option would be in the following scenario:   I have 21 mailboxes i am collecting.  The collection task is scheduled to run weekly so i can get any changes in the mailboxes. i am wondering ...

Resolved! Need help creating Concordance Load File from Clearwell

When exporting a production, I only see the encoding options of UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1.  I have been requested to provide an export with PC formatting and ANSI encoding.  Is there a way to export a DAT with PC formatting and ANSI encoding in Symantec e...

T5 by Level 3
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Resolved! CW Redaction set question

Is there a way to copy a redaction set (even if on the back end by a Symantec engineer). we need to do one of two opeions:Produce a set of redacted files with transparency to read the redacted text and highlighted in yellow; OR copy a redaction set t...

Migration Incomplete

I see this message when viewing the All Processing Backups or Archives page...what does it mean?   Migration Incomplete - Case backups and archives have been migrated to a new location. However, either the backup repository has not completed migratio...

jejdag by Level 3
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Resolved! HOT OFF THE PRESS - Clearwell 7.1.3 Released

The Symantec Clearwell Product Development team is proud to announce the general availability of Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform V7.1.3  This new release has been in the making for one year and rounds off many features from previous releases m...

Liam_Finn1 by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Collection Tasks - Best Practice

I am new to Clearwell and this is my first time seeing the forum so I am very new to this method of seeking information.  I'd like to get feedback on best practice for setting up collection tasks.  I'm not finding what I need in the Clearwell documen...

CW search returning a QueryEngine error #41025

We are running hit highlighting on three searches and receiving the error message [#41025] QueryEngine error; [#41025] QueryEngine error; Search PrivTerms01-1000 is not supported for highlighting action. Please run this search first   i tried searchi...

Resolved! Error Installing Clearwell Confirmation Server

I got everything installed on 7.1.2 fresh install.  Installed Fix2.  I went to install the Confirmation server ( same box, I know it should be separate but client won't allocate ) for Legal Hold Module and I noticed that it detected a previous versio...

katyk724 by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! PST collections

Is there a way, or will it be availble soon, to limit the collection of a PST to only those emails that are not responsive and not the entire PST?  I have several collections where large PST files are collected (counting against the Processing licens...

WiTSend by Level 6
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Resolved! Clearwell Loadfile/opticon example

Hello, was curious if anyone out there had a minimum format example they give out or use for loadfiles to load into clearwell.  After some issues with a few loadfiles produced to us, and working with Clearwell tech support, it appears their guide lea...

ODS_Rob by Level 3
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Resolved! Lack of Loadfile import AND OCR

It would be nice to be able to use load files with metadata AND be able to OCR image files...the way I understand it, you can either do one or the other with CW.  However, we recieve loadfiles that don't necessarily include the text it's m...

ODS_Rob by Level 3
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Remove password from psts

Have PW protected pst files (we do not collect them - we get them from external sources). Is there a way to provide pw to the file within CW? Or, does the pw have to be applied outside CW and then just re-process the file?

CW 7.1.2 Slowing down

Hi We've an issue with CW 7.1.2 slowing down after a few (2-3) hours of working. A single user is Tagging on search results. After a while, the results are shown slower and slower. The screen switches to the result view and the please wait is showing...