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Change Clearwell Local User Passwords in CW 8.1

I've just upgraded to Clearwell 8.1 from 7.1.3. I need to change the passwords for the local accounts that were created when on the previous version. When I go to System->Users and select a local CW account, there is no option to change the password...

R_P_R_ by Level 3
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Resolved! allowed list of WSUS appliable patches

Hi, i want to start using an internal Wsus server for our clearwell servers, but i am wondering, can any Microsoft offered patch be applied? including the MS Office patches? are there certain patches that we need to exclude? If so, is there list o...

moorrees by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Moving Collection-Set source data

We are in the process of trying to move our file-shares and re-organize how our Clearwell data sources are structured.  In doing so, we need to move the collection sets that were already processed into different cases.  The source locator modifier wi...

PeterLw by Level 2
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Common Services Error

After trying to process a Hold collection the process finished but get this error: [#80000] common services error : unable to open csv file - \\server-FQDN\d$\cw\v81\scratch\temp\esadb\datastore_case_xxxx\attindexdir\scancomplete\sc_numberxxxx_0.csv...

R_P_R_ by Level 3
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Error preparing document for display

None of my docs will display within my review set.  I recieve the error below.  Anyone run into this issue and have an idea of what to check for that?    Error preparing document for display. [#41057] Content processor error - com.teneo.esa.imag...

Resolved! CW - Case Number Limits

Currently we're getting this error: “ Unable to save case. [#80112] Can not create, too many cases on, try again after deleting 1 cases.” I believe I read there's a way to set the max number to a higher limit. Is this correct? Is there any in...

ODS_Rob by Level 3
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Clearwell 6.1 to 8.1 case migration

Is it possible to backup/archive cases in version 6.1, and restore them to a clearwell appliance running version 8.1?  I know the upgrade path needs to go to 7.1.2 before you can go to 8.1, but I am not upgrading.  I just want to backup cases and res...

Backup and Restore from CW 7.1.2 to 7.1.3

We have a Clearwell system on version 7.1.3 that is clean with no cases. We have a system that is on version 7.1.2 that has all our cases on. I'm looking to restore the cases from the v7.1.2 machine to the v7.1.3 machine. Looking for documentation/...

R_P_R_ by Level 3
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Server Rename

We're running Clearwell 7.1.3 and soon to be upgraded to 8.1. Our datacenter is moving and with it our Clearwell appliance. If the hostname of the appliance is renamed, will this affect the Clearwell application/service?

R_P_R_ by Level 3
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Clearwell email proxy address

Hi, We have CLearwell 7.1.4 installed in our environment and per user is having around 100 proxy addresses of mailbox.Now requiremnt is user wants to display his atleast 60 email proxy addresses.I can achive this requirement If I set "esa.employment...

Resolved! another needing the Clearwell default login and pwd

I'm in the process of installing Clearwell 7.1.3 for a client. I have all the documentation they've supplied including licenses etc. However, nowhere in any of their material is the Clearwell app default "superuser" login detail supplied. Can someon...

Resolved! External email EV search

Hi, Looking for a bit of help. I need to search EV for a particular email sent to or from an external email, ie I know I can do this in the advanced search function but can I use the 'EV Search Task' to do this? Thanks, Triona

tad_17 by Level 3
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Resolved! Deleting a Legal Hold Notification

When deleting a Legal Hold Notification, is there a way to disable sending a "release" email to all custodians?  This is confusing to users as typically we need to delete a notice to edit what was sent out.   Thanks.

CMB_HL by Not applicable
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Resolved! How do I find out who initiated release message.

Hi, I'm running Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery v7.1.2. I logged into Clearwell to release a number of custodians from a case but found that they had already been released a number of months ago. How can I find out who initiated the release from back t...

R_P_R_ by Level 3
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Resolved! Clearwell 7.1.4 HTTP request error

Upon logging into (7.1.4) UI, my main dashboard has a popup window error.  Am also getting same window every time I open a case and am taken to the case home. Window says "Failure: Unable to retrieve chart: HTTP request error" Services restart did ...

Clearwell not processing corrupt email files

Currently using Clearwell eDiscovery Platform version 7.1.5.  I added new data to the source data and discovered new files for source and some PST files were corrupt.  I replaced the corrupt PST files with files that are fixed and those files are now...