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eDiscovery Platform 8.3 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release

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Hello Everybody,

I wanted to let you all know that as of October 2, 2017, eDiscovery Platform 8.3 CHF2 has been released eDiscovery Platform 8.3 CHF2 Release

Besides a good many fixes, this release contains several highlights:

Automatically convert OST to PST Data Files for processing

The eDiscovery Platform can now seamlessly convert OST files to PST files for processing. Starting with 8.3 CHF2, OST data files are converted to PST data files during the discovery phase. Upon successful completion of this operation, normal PST processing is applied to the files for easy access, review, and analysis. See technical article for details: 

Integrated Windows Authentication Single Sign-On for Legal Hold

Starting with 8.3 CHF2, Veritas eDiscovery Platform supports Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) SingleSign-On (SSO) for Legal Hold authentication. When IWA SSO is configured, the logged-in Windows credentials of the custodian are used for authentication, and the custodian is subsequently directed to the Legal Hold Confirmation page without the need to enter login credentials. To use the SSO option, LDAP must be configured and enabled against the Active Directory domain from which Windows users will be authenticating. See technical article for details: 

Office® 365 connection using MAPI/HTTP

Microsoft is deprecating support for RPC over HTTP on October 31st 2017. With 8.3 CHF2, the Veritas eDiscovery Platform will now use MAPI/HTTP to connect to Office 365 in support of this change. After the 8.3 Cumulative Hotfix 2 is installed, Administrators who want to collect data from Office® 365 mailboxes must also download and install the KB3114941 updates for Outlook 2013 32-Bit Edition that enables Office® 365 connection using MAPI/HTTP to the eDiscovery Platform servers connecting to Office 365. Administrators can download the KB3114941 Outlook update from and then manually install it. See technical article for details and troubleshooting steps:

 You can apply the hotfix by downloading from the aforementioned link and installing from the exe file.

 As with any upgrade, please first refer to the upgrade support documents: 

Attached are the eDiscovery Platform 8.3 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release Notes for your review.

Best Regards,
James Harris
Business Critical Engineer Veritas eDiscovery Platform
Business Critical Services
Veritas Technologies LLC