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eDiscovery Platform 9.5 General Availability

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Employee Accredited Certified

Hello Everybody,

I am excited and proud to announce the General Availability of eDiscovery Platform 9.5 as of March 30, 2020.

This is a major release that incorporates many significant feature, product and security enhancements, improvements and fixes.

Some of the highlights of the release include the following:


Cross-Browser Compatibility

Provides the capability to use Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft’s Edge to perform all administrator and user activities across all modules to include Legal Hold, Collections, Processing, System Management, Search and Advanced Search, except Native View mode to view Native Images, Redaction and Annotations which are currently only supported in IE11. 


Support for Windows Server 2016

  • Provides the ability to install eDiscovery Platform on Windows Server 2016 Standard or Data Center Editions.
  • Windows Server 2012 Standard or Data Center Editions will also continue to be supported platforms.


Security Enhancements

Enhancements in password security

Enhances security by increasing the minimum requirements for user password in terms of password length and complexity.

Ability to disable the Superuser Account

Introduces the ability to expire or disable the default System Manager account Superuser.

TLS 1.2

TLS 1.0 is no longer supported, and TLS 1.2 would need to be enabled.

Ability to change AES Key and AES key password

Provides a security enhancement where administrators can use the Password Manager option of the Clearwell Commander to change the AES Key’s password or to generate a new AES Key.

Support for SMB2 Protcol

Administrators can now use File Shares that have the much secure SMB2 protocol enabled to Collect, Process and Export data.

Ability to create Processing Only Locations

As an added security enhancement, administrators can create Locations that can be consumed only for Processing.


Collection Enhancements 

Support for Enterprise Vault 12.5.0

Supports identification and collection of Archives from Enterprise Vault 12.5.0.

Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

Supports identification and collection of Mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.

Support for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

Supports identification and collection of Content from Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016.


Legal Hold Enhancements

  • Edit and format footer text (previously inserted by Veritas).
  • Sort & search for Legal Hold template by name in dropdown.
  • Increase the characters supported in Legal Hold body to 30K
  • Confirm the release of an individual custodian before job is kicked off.
  • Mandatory questions on Legal Hold Questionnaire Survey are clearly visible now.


Deprecated Features

While there are several features and options that eDiscovery Platform 9.5 is deprecating, the major option is that Windows 2008 R2 is no longer a supported install platform.

Refer to the eDiscovery Platform 9.5 for a full listing of deprecated features. 



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Best Regards,
James Harris
Business Critical Engineer Veritas eDiscovery Platform
Business Critical Services
Veritas Technologies LLC