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Resolved! Migrate ApplicationHA to new vCenter server

We're consolidating a number of vCenter servers into a single instance.  One of the clusters we want to move has VMs managed by AppHA 6.0.1.  Is there an easy way to migrate the cluster configuration from the old vCenter server to the new one without...

jria by Level 3
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Building NetBackup Global Cluster with VVR Option... need

Hello,     I am trying to build a global cluster with VVR option. Where i have one NetBackup cluster in Site A with two nodes and one Netbackup Cluster in Site B with single node. I know how to do replication manually for the catalog but would lik...

Mujtaba by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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after mirroring plex, ssh service are not running

hi all, i have some productions server that are using SFHA Cluster. i need to mirroring volume to new storage using. (#vxassist -g DGname mirror VOLname alloc="vxdisk1 vxdisk2 . . . . vxdisk13") after 190 minutes ssh service cannot be access. i ab...

dh3kan by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! AppHA, SRM, VOM VBS Orchestration

Hello All, I'm working through a complex implementation and have hit a couple of snags along the way. Maybe people have worked on verious bits along the way and may be able to contribute to an overall solution The object of this endeavor is to create...

Resolved! Oracle upgrade on veritas cluster 5.1 SP1

Hi ,   We are planning to upgrade oracle from to on windows 2008 environment. We have SAP Portal Ehp1 for that uses this database. both the SAP and oracle group are clustered with the VCS version 5.1 SP1 over 2 nodes. Would like to ...

sreek by Level 2
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Resolved! Missing VCS ""Agents

Need help/ advice on how to recover missing   System Info OS RHEL 6.1VCS Version 5.1 rp3 Objective To enable VVR in VCS-GCO environmentDuring the process of creating RVG for VVR Service Group; I  found that   Done the following Checks (i)...

Resolved! Veritas cluster query on windows

Hello, I am fresh with Veritas cluster and need to find a way to query a machine and find out whether it is active in the cluster. Is it by SNMP? some CLI command? Would appreciate a specific solution...   Thanks in advance   Yaniv

YOP by Level 3
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Resolved! Comparison

Hi, As I have been looking for HA capability to implement in my data center, I am looking around in the internet. What's the comparison between Symantec solution and the VMware HA ? I am confused here ?