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Licensing question

Hi there,   We need to procure backup exec license for one of our server.  Would like to know which is recommended option. Anyone who have idea about licensing , can you share some ideas here. This is our backup environment,   *One Master /Media...

Resolved! BE

backup exec found 5 servers that do not have the agent for windows installed on them.???

Resolved! Required Altiris Inventory solution screenshots.

Hi Friends,   Please help me to provide the altiris inventory solution collected information screenshots. I required tio share the information with the customer about the avilable information in screenshots.   thanks  

Baljeet by Level 2
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Resolved! Hoping some good will come out of this...

Hi, I have been a Symantec partner for a number of years and am at the point where I am ready to call it a day and walk away. However, I would llike some good to come from the end to this partnership so would like to have any credit I currently hav...

ServiceDesk License Error

Hi Team,   I am testing servicedesk 7.5 SP1 and I get this error. any Idea how to solve this.  I have removed the license and set it back again, it doesn't seem to fix the issue.  i added pritn  screen of the issue.  regards, 

GSM2588 by Level 0
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Integration of Symentec DLP With Arcsight

Hi All,   Do anybody has the guide on integration of Symentec DLP with Arcsight. Request you to kindly reply with the link.   Thanks in advance.

Abhishek_S by Not applicable
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CCS Query results: Domain cache

Hi, I am running a Query in Assets that are agent based. These assets belong to the same Domain. However, there are some assets resolved to Data Collection erorr "Hostname*: Domain cache does not exists or not valid for domain. Data collection will...

o0rin0o by Not applicable
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How to use Symantec DLP File Type Analyzer and

Hi, Symantec Data Loss Prevention detects more than 300 file types. However, if  any type of file extension doesn't detect and  is not supported by Symantec DLP.    Symantec provide File type analyazer utiltiy for custom script.   Please help us any ...

opatch failed with error code =41

Hi all, guys i've got an issue on applying the patch.  CPU JULY 2013 new patch release on symantec.     kindly help. thanks :)

m_9 by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Log the mail body content

I wants to see the mail body of the enduser in LDP exec summary or Incident endpoint log. How can I create the Policy???  

.bak file restoration from media failed

Hi all, My on restoration job is failed with error: Final error: 0xe0008488 - Access is denied. Final error category: Security Errors   i was restoring .bak file from Media to local drive of media server. please help....   Thanks...

Resolved! Required SEP Assessment Questionaire for Customer

Hi Guys, One of my customer is using SEP for 1200 users. I need to do the assessment for SEP at customer place as told by Symantec Partner Manager. He asked us to access and download the assessment tool(it is just like Vulnerabil...