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Invalid Tape Command

Hey guys, I am having an interesting problem with one of my backups that has been quite frustrating lately. Just to give you a rundown of our setup: I have a Backup Exec 3600 Appliance backing up 7 servers, including 2 Exchange Servers and a DAG setu...

Resolved! Appliance WebUI does not display information

Hello    We are using BE3600R2 and whenever we using WebUI we are unable to find details related to    Disk Raid  Battery   It says No disk No Raid and No battery.    Please find the attached screenshot for more information.    Thank you ...

Resolved! Canceling the backup Job

Hi all,  Canceling the backup job doesn't seem to work for me, it says pending cancel and it stays there forever. Does anyone encounter such a problem ? I am using Appliance 3600 R3 !   Regards  

Resolved! Error backup Hyper-V 2012

I have the following error message on two HyperV-V 2012 platforms have reinstalled twice agents and error, which could not be removed? Backup- VRTSRV::\\H----------\Hyper-V?HA?VM\SRDCHM02 Unable to attach to . V-79-57344-33899 - The res...

Jonbs by Level 4
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Resolved! BE 3600 R2 Appliance SSD and Deduplication Issues

Hello People, Its been a while since i came on connect. I am at it again with issues as listed below. 1. 80GB SSD disk does not show as RAID on the list, only the dedup RAID 5 shows. 2. Appliance Deduplication storage shows as offline after I upg...

Nene by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup Exec 2012

Hi,  We have backup exec 2012 running in our environment, we have tape as storage. During the weekend the full backup of all machines/servers takes more than 48 hours, we are taking the backup directly on tape. What I want is to take the backup on t...

3600 appliance opinions

Looking for some real world opinions on the 3600 appliance.     Thinking of using them at several branch offices throughout the country.   work well? ease of setup? what would you do different?  all that stuff!   I am familiar with using BE software....

Resolved! Remote Backup

Hello, We currently have two BE 3600 r2 appliances. Both are backing up all our servers.  For critical servers Full backups weekly then daily incremental    Rest Full backup bi-weekly then daily incremental   We also have a another location, which is...

Resolved! Replacement Hard Disk - Customs Duty

Hi, We've received an invoice for customs duty and VAT in relation to a replacement hard disk sent by Symantec. The hard disk was sent from Norway and has incurred £50 worth of charges which we're being invoiced for. Have any other users experienced ...

Curious about the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance?

In our efforts to keep you connected to the braintrust behind all things Backup Exec, we are doing another AMA on Reddit. For those of you who are unfamiliar, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. On Friday 01 March, we will be on Reddit from 2-4 PM EST an...

Resolved! Backup exec appliance 3600 enable RDP

I am trying to RDP to the brand new backup exec appliance and as soon as I log in to the server it logs me off. I read some threads about needing to enable rdp via power shell and also saw some comments that only Symantec tech support can do that. Ho...

Resolved! Full Appliance_Dedupe storage

I have a situation where my on-appliance storage is completely full, and I want to initialize it and start over. Does anyone have any knowledge how to accomplish this? I realize I can go into the storage itself, select Backup-Sets, and delete them in...

Which NAS Device to connect to a

I'm looking at upgrading our backup software. I'm interested in the following device, a Backup Exec 3600 Appliance and install this at the main site - SITE A. The problem is that I would replicate the data stored on that device to another connected s...