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Error 0xe0008105 on Cataloging Job

Good Day. Backup Exec 2015 , 14.2 1180.2113 We have problem on wrong showing in Backup Exec storage free space and Phisical disk free space (less 500Gb) I try run job Cataloging on Appliance Dedupe storage, but job stopping after 6 hours on Error ...

Resolved! Duplication of Backup sets to be scheduled

Hello all, I am trying to find a way in BE 2014, how to schedule duplication of backup sets.  I am duplicating one server (backup set) this way: I have about 10 servers and I need to create ...

WebUI issue on BE3600

Hello,   One of my customer is facing a weird issue. The WebUI is not functionnal on his BE3600R3 appliance. So I logged in the appliance using RDP to check if can see some event ... No event found (or maybe I missed them) In fact the probleme is...

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! BE3600 Appliance clean upgrade to R3

Does anyone know or have suggestions on the best method to upgrade the BE3600 appliance to R3, with the catch that I want to completely wipe all data on it?  Is there a way to clean install R3 from scratch, or should I just wipe the dedupe storage po...

Different Time in WebUI and System Time

Good Day. Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Model: 3600 Version: 3.1.2190.0 I have problem for Different Time in System and WebUI: In Last year (september 2014) in Russian cleaned Daylight saving (kb 2998527), But Applince from WebUI not found Updates ...

Resolved! External SAS storage array on BE3600 R2

I've been using a BE 3600 appliance for a couple of years now and I keep running up against the deduplication store filling the internal storage array. I'd like to attach an external storage array with more disk and move my deduplication store onto t...

Snuffy by Not applicable
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Show not correct deduplication ratio (1:1)

Backup Exec appliance 3600 R3 I make jobs for deduplication, on job hostory show 4:1 But on repository continues  show 1:1 how to make that showed correctly, deduplication on applicance not working correctly?   Repsitory Appliance:   Job his...

Resolved! While Upgrading to 2014

Hi All,  I wanted to know while upgrading the Backup Appliance 3600R2, how does the upgradation process upgrade the agents on different Servers ? Or do I need to do it via Backup Exec Console after upgrading to 2014 ? The thing is that many of the ...

Resolved! License for SYMC BACKUP EXEC 2014

Hi,  I have been given two serial numbers both starts with M. One is for SYMC BACKUP EXEC 2014 ESSENTIAL PROTECTION SUITE FOR BE 3600 APPLIANCE BNDL STD LIC ESSENTIAL  and the other is for SYMC BACKUP EXEC 2014 ESSENTIAL PROTECTION SUITE FOR BE 3600...

Resolved! Symantec Appliance 3600. Backup VMs from vCenter.

Hello! When I back up virtual machine from VMWare vCenter, it doesn't appear in my backup and restore tab.  So, backup completes successfully, but I can't restore VM, because I don't see it in backup and restore tab. I can add this VM manually, bu...

msolovey by Level 3
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Resolved! backup exec 3600 appliance r3 management services cannot start and no privilege to access BEDB

Dear, I have installed 2 x backup exec appliance 3600 r3 version.  After installed a backup exec appliance, it is working porperty. However, management service account is changed to domain account when joined to domain, then I cannot login to conso...

Kelvin3 by Level 2
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Backup Exec Appliance Restore Problem

I have a new job and now I have to monitor a backup exec appliance.  My new boss just asked me to run a test restore.  The last backup exec system I used (not an appliance), I click on restore and picked the file I want to restore.  The problem is t...

snoski3 by Level 2
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Changes to the Backup Exec Appliance Product Line

Symantec has announced some recent milestones and important updates about the Backup Exec product line going forward, and we just wanted to make sure that our Backup Exec customers and partners are informed. Please check out the blog for additional i...

EliasA by Community Manager
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Resolved! Cleaning Tape and Barcode problem

Hi all, Backup Exec 2012 (Appliance 3600) has shown me error "the cleaning media CLNU00L1 has expired" when I tried to clean my drive. I oldered nww cleaning tape and got one but it has the same barcode as the old one. So when I replaced the new one...

Resolved! upgrade backupexec appliance 3600.R2 to backupexec2014

Hy all, I'm trying to upgrade the appliance of one of my customers. I'm following this TN: and i'm allready stuck in the prerequisites. ...

jurgen_barbieur by Level 6
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