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Resolved! What product do i need for Linux RedHat

Hello,   i have got a question regarding a cluster scenario. We have a clustered System, with 2 redhat knodes, that are sharing a storage enclosure. I want to backup the knodes and the shared storage within an autoloader. What kind of product do...

Resolved! Veritas cluster issue

Hi We have a VCS of two node. Two file systems are under VCS configured from VXVM. One file system got 100% full.Now we have rebooted the cluster node & the mount points started to show,but after some time that file system got disappear,Checked with ...

Resolved! Backup up VCS Cluster Config

Can anyone advise on what command or process is involved to backup the VCS configuration of SFW HADR 5.1 onwards. The old command was example :  hasnap -backup -f -n -m “Backup from March 25th 2007″ Apparently this is no longer supp...

Resolved! SPFILE Autobackup fails after Db moved to SFHA cluster

Last night I migrated my production database to a SFHA cluster made up two Sun T3-1B blade servers.  The nodes of the cluster are: st31bbl01 (Sun T3-1B blade 01) and st31bbl02 (Sun T3-1B blade 02).  The name of the virtual database server than can fa...

Resolved! LanMan Resource fails unexpectedly (Error V-16-2-13067)

Hi all,  I am currently installing a 3 node Netbackup 7.1 cluster, on a VSF HA 5.1 SP2 on Windows 2008 R2 (SP1). The installation went fine and failover of the Netbackup resource back and forth shows no problems whatsoever. This weekend however, for ...

Resolved! Can anyone share the file with me?

Hi All, I would like to give you a brief description of the setup for your understanding. There two site Prodcution and Disaster Recovery. Production site has two Solaris Sparc system and DR site has one Solaris Sparc System. OS: Solaris 10 SF ver...

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Resolved! Oracle RAC and Split Brain Situation.

Folks, Any thoughts how does Oracle RAC handles Split Brain situation ? Might be this is a relative question with w.r.t two varied technologies .. but I assume its the best place to put this as Veritas is master in handling SPLIT BRAIN situation. ...

Resolved! VCS new volume created. Need to add up under existing Resource Group under 2 node clustered Solaris 10 Server...Important..please assist

Hi, I am newbi to VCS. OS is Solaris10. Two node cluster env. New filesystem already created and mounted with dedicated Vertual IP and is already under VCS. We have added two more Vol's (Vol03 & Vol04) in the existing Resource Group say 'node1_rg' ...