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Resolved! HADhelper permissions 5.1 sp2 x64

  I a currently working with a customer implementing HA/DR for SQL 2008 and EV9. The customer needs to know why the VCS hadhelper account requires the following permissions SECTION 2 - Required Rights The account that is used by the HadHelper...

SFHA Enterprise for Oracle 5.0.1 for HP-UX 11.31

I am trying to deploy SFHA Enterprise for Oracle on a new blade cluster running HP-UX 11.31, however I can't find the correct way to deploy, since the media downloaded from Symantec doesn't contain this package, it contain VCS byt itself and several ...

Resolved! vertias Sf licenses

Dear All.   We are looking for a global cluster for our EV with two nodes at primary and one node in GCO toDr and VVr to replicate all the vault partion indexes ,etc except for SQL databases. We currently have the following licenses. What additional ...

Resolved! GCO for Netbackup 7.0 and SRDF

Hi All, I am looking for GCO cluster with SRDF/A replication(Global Cluster option of Storage Foundation HA). I am looking for the key benefits apart from normal failover features if we use global clustering of two Master servers with GCO. With GCO, ...

krish06 by Level 3
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Resolved! Can we configure VCS 5.1 HA so that disk groups , file systems related one application in a Solaris 10 Non global zone can be failed over to non global one in 2nd node with out effecting the other application running in same non global zone?

Can any one provide any help with this question?   Can we configure VCS 5.1 HA so that  disk groups , file systems related one application in a Solaris 10 Non global zone can be failed over to non global zone in 2nd node with out effecting the other ...

Ravent by Not applicable
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Resolved! VCS GCO cluster Of EV

We want to create EV cluster using VCS GCO with one node at each site.   Can we use SAN based replication to replicate the Vault store  and Indexes  data at the DR site in place of VVR or do we require VVR for this purpose. as directory and other dat...

Resolved! problem with apache resource config in zone service group

Hello everyone - I have a problem with configuration of Apache resource in service group that consists of a zone resource, two zpools (one for the zone root and one for Apache).  The Zone fails over between nodes and starts up no problem.  And the ap...

Suki by Level 3
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Resolved! Veritas Cluster Server Agent for EMC MirrorView

We are using this agent for the replication of LUNS in the cluster environment. The version of the documentation I have is Version 5.1. It states in the document the following on page 7 The agent supports configuring EMC MirrorView in the synchronous...

mitcher by Level 4
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Resolved! I/O fencing on Windows = Persistent Group Reservation (PGR)

Hi all,   I have seen quite a few posts on VCS and I/O fencing support on Windows, and most threads ends with the conclusion it is not supported. That is perhaps correct, at least if we look at it in how it is solved in UNIX/Linux. To my knowledge, i...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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Resolved! How to add a new node on VSFCF

Hi Guys,   Could you please let me know the procedure/steps to add a 4th node on a existing  Veritas 5.0 cluster with CVM/CFS when the cluster is live.   I also need help to configure the i/o fencing where all other three nodes are configured ,any ri...

UnixFan by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS Cluster Verification

Hello there, I used to work on HACMP clusters in the past and they had a utility called 'clverify' which would perform a complete cluster validation. i.e., a) Make sure all the hosts see the storage b) Make sure the cluster failover nodes have mount ...

Kaps by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS Application resources restart policy

Dear all, could you kindly help me with following concern: i have got installation of VCS 5.0 mp3 on RedHat Linux AS4. I've got service group which contains multiple Application resources which looks approximately like this: 7 resources            ...

Resolved! Restart clustered application without triggereing failover?

Hello, I have a number of apps setup in simple failover cluster configurations across multiple clusters. Most of these are java application servers. Normally if an app needs to be restarted I can simply switch the app from one node to another (and ba...

Resolved! High Availability (Zero Datat Loss/Zero Down Time) presentation

Hi,     I have to present a powerpoint presentaion to the high level exec in my company regarding High Availability (Zero Datat Loss/Zero Down Time) and was wondering if anyone has a presentation that I can refer to and use as a reference. This nee...

reza96 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Three node cluster interconnect options?

Hello, I'm going to be implementing two different three node clusters to provide HA for a number of java application servers and their hosted applications. The current plan is to use two nodes of each cluster as the master for a subset of applicatio...

Resolved! VCS new volume created. Need to add up under existing Resource Group under 2 node clustered Solaris 10 Server...Important..please assist

Hi, I am newbi to VCS. OS is Solaris10. Two node cluster env. New filesystem already created and mounted with dedicated Vertual IP and is already under VCS. We have added two more Vol's (Vol03 & Vol04) in the existing Resource Group say 'node1_rg' ...

Resolved! Experience with SF HA for Windows 5.1

Hi all, We are running Storage Foundation HA for Windows 5.1 and are experiencing some problems. Does anybody like to share his/her experience with me on the subject? stability of the clusters, Management, infrastructural problems, organisational is...

eu22106 by Level 4
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VCS 2 Nodes only start SG2 if SG1 is on node0

Hi, I have a cluster C0 & C1 with 2 nodes. and 2 Service groups SG1, SG2 I want SG1 to failover between both nodes but SG2 should only run on C0 and only if SG1 is present on C0. That means if I switch SG1 to C1 SG2 needs to be shutdown first an...

eshaffer by Not applicable
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