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VCS discovery windows

Hello Experts,As part of a monitoring solution, we have been relying upon the presence of below registry keys to detect presence of a VCS on Windows,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\VC HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\VCS\Base   This however se...

Resolved! VCS SAP HANA agent

Hello all!   We have Replicated Data Cluster two nodes in local cluster. No global clustering.   My questions now about our RDC cluster. I could not find all neсessary information in  cluster pdf doc.   1.  When the primary Site1 fails   (or we...

Resolved! Continuity after a failover

Hi, I am new to clustering.  1. If I create a cluster with 2 nodes and shared storage, and keep my application running on node1, client applications will be connecting to my application on node1. In the event of a failover, when the application sta...

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Resolved! lltconfig ERROR V-14-2-15121 LLT unconfigure aborted,

Hello, I've a 2 node cluster, with on CP server and 2 fencing disks. But think something is wrong on my fencing configuration. OS : RHEL6.6  VCS 6.2.1 # gabconfig -a GAB Port Memberships =========================================================...

Resolved! CP server version for 2 differents SFHA version

Hello, I've got 2 clusters under RHEL6.3 using SFHA 6.0.30 they are connected to a Cordinate Point server 6.0.30 I want to install 2 new clusters under RHEL6.6 using SFHA 6.2.1 My questions : Can my 4 clusters uses the sames CP server ? If yes,...

Resolved! Are we monitoring the right object?

Just some quick questions.  We use Veritas Clustering for providing an HA solution for database servers.  We have set up the vcs montoring to try to connect to the database every 3 minutes.  After 4 attempts the VCS kills the primary pid and fails ov...

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Resolved! Integrating SAP with VCS 6.2 (on Oracle Linux 6.5)

Hi, I was wondering if someone has some additional information regarding how to setup my cluster... I have both VCS (inclusing Storage Foundation) and Linux knowledge. I do however have no background in SAP. And as SAP is a very complex product, I...

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Resolved! When can 'hasys -nodeid' fail?

Dear All, We are running VCS Engine version and need to use 'hasys -nodeid'  to  get info about the node. So in what scenario can this command fail  ? Also in VCS  6.1 . , the man page info for this command states that it will display th...

Resolved! Forward Traffic from VCS virtual IP

Hello Experts, We have a two node active-passive VCS 6.0 cluster running in Solaris LDOM on T4-1 servers. Two virtual interfaces (Vnet0 and Vnet1)  are configured from the control domain using igb2/igb4. vnet0 and vnet1 using solaris ipmp. The clu...

Resolved! Listener resource remain faulted

Hello,   we are doing some failure tests for a customer. We have VCS 6.2 running on solaris 10. We have an Oracle database and of course the listener associated with it. We try to simulate different kind of failures. One of them is to kill the lis...

Resolved! VCS ERROR V-16-10031-5517 (FS_BOG_2) Mount:dNFS_Mount:online:Block device vg_fs_cal-lv_fs_cal does not exist

Hi all,        I've found a problem after create a resource to mount ext3 device.      Mount dNFS_Mount (                 MountPoint = "/share"                 BlockDevice = vg_fs_cal-lv_fs_cal                 FSType = ext3                 ...

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Resolved! Failover for VCS Global Cluster

Failover for VCS Global Cluster   Setup: Veritas Storage foundation HA for Windows v6.1 Single node Local cluster Single node Remote cluster Data replicated between clusters via VVR   A Global cluster will only failover to the remote cluster ...

Resolved! How to contiure VCS service in case of one server.

English follows Japanese. ■問い合わせ内容 Server2台でクラスタを構成している。 仮にServer2をOS shutdownした状態ではVCSサービスは継続する。 この状況下でServer1がもしOS不具合でOSリスタートもしくは手動でOS停止してしまった場合に Server1がOS起動完了してもVCSのサービスが起動しない。 この状況下でServer1のみでも各サービスグループを起動する(ONLINE化)方法、手順を知りたい。 ※Server1でh...

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Resolved! Multi nic concept in vcs

Team,   I have gone through the doc to understand the functionalities of Multinic in vcs,however unable to get it completely. Could you please explain step by step about the Multinic and how to configure its resources?  I have to give training in...

Cluster cannot detect my Oracle Apps resource is up

Hi, i am trying to configure the Oracle Apps under the Veritas CLuster  but when i put all the required variables the Cluster coudn't detect that the resource is up ,herunder is the environement that i used ,please help me with this Oracle ...