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Resolved! VCS 6.2 Agents for Adabas and MariaDB

Hi colleagues, For a customer I have to integrate two seperate databases into VCS 6.2 running on Oracle Linux. However I have no experience with both of them. And I could not find anything on SORT. Could someone point me to the right direction rega...

sanderfiers by Level 3
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Resolved! SG is not switching to next node.

Hi All, I am new to VCS but good in HACMP.   In our environment we are using VCS-6.0, I one server we found that the SG is not moving from one node to another node when we tried manual failover using the bellow command. hagrp -switch <SGnamg> -t...

Resolved! how to install the guest component of SFWHA

In SYMANTEC HIGH AVAILABILITY Soultion GUIDE for VMWARE P22 You can install the guest components in the following ways: ■ Using the product installer Use this method to install the guest components in physical or virtual environments. For more d...

ylin-123 by Level 4
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Resolved! Add new node for Veritas Cluster in Solaris 10

Hi,   Sorry if Im not asking this at the roght place... Im noew here.. Im trying to add a new node to my Veritas 3-node Cluster. The Nodes runs Solaris 10 SPARC as OS. So, the first thing I notice was yhat the new node does not have the VRTS packages...

Resolved! Reset Password of VCS User in Secure Cluster.

Dear All, Greetings! Recently i have added a VCS user in one of our VCS Cluster which in running in secure mode to access the Java Console. However i did not find any option to set a password for the same. After going thru some article i tried to #ha...

Resolved! Why has Trialware site been down for over 4 days

The trailware site has been down since at least the early hours of 3rd Feb.  Is someone from Symantec able to explain why it has been down for so long and when it is due to be back.  It is not a good advert for a High Availablity product, when the do...

mikebounds by Level 6
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Resolved! Trialware download problem

I've been trying to download a trialware version of Cluster Server to evaluate it for possible deployment, but am getting prompted for a reference code.  I have tried other trialware downloads and am getting the same issue for all products.  Am I mis...

8gate by Level 2
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Resolved! VCS Clustering

Hi, I want to familarize myself with VCS clustering concepts and if possible want to try things hands on. Can someone kindly point me in the right direction, I will greatly appriciate it. Thanks, Akhil

Veritas Cluster Exchange Server Upgrade....

Hi everyone, We have two node Vertias Claster Server and there are running Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Mailbox Role Recently we try to upgrade Exchange to SP2 and failed   First we Install SP2 on passive node, SP2 says installed and OK Switch...

Resolved! VCS new volume created. Need to add up under existing Resource Group under 2 node clustered Solaris 10 Server...Important..please assist

Hi, I am newbi to VCS. OS is Solaris10. Two node cluster env. New filesystem already created and mounted with dedicated Vertual IP and is already under VCS. We have added two more Vol's (Vol03 & Vol04) in the existing Resource Group say 'node1_rg' ...

Resolved! Veritas Server One Simulator

Hi I am looking for the latest version and installation document of Veritas Server One simulator Do anyone know where I can get it on PartnerNet? I install Version 2 and was blocked by security  firewall when I start it

Resolved! VCS Documentation

I am attempting to download the documentation for VCS for UNIX. Any pdf I download is at 0 bytes. I have tried this from multiple browsers from a windows machine and a mac. Please help!

cdonalds by Not applicable
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