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Resolved! CFS Health Check ?

Hi All, We have recently built a 4-node Oracle single-instance CFS cluster, with more to on the way. The cluster will host many databases, and all nodes will be active. The databases will migrate from non-clustered to CFS clustered servers, and we ...

Haniwa by Level 4
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Resolved! Unable to bring the Service Group online.

Hi All, I tried to bring a SG online in a node but it's not comming online. Let me explaing the issue.   We did reboot of a node aixprd001 and we found that /etc/filesystem is corrupted so the SG bosinit_SG is in partial state since lot of cluster...

Resolved! Server down cases

I am not sure whether I am asking this question to the right place however, A general question,some days earlier I have heard that facebook server has gone down for 15 mins.Some years ago i have heard the same news in some other big company that ser...

Resolved! VVR with Geo-cluster Implementation.

Hello, We are planning to implement a DR solution using VVR for data replication and Geo-cluster for failover.  The production side consists of 2 node cluster (2 ldoms) and the DR consist of 1 node cluster (1 ldom).  On the production side we have 1 ...

unix_san by Level 4
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Resolved! Info about Oracle Data Guard Agent for VCS

Dear All I am working on gaining knowledge about Oracle Data Guard Agent for Veritas Cluster Server for Windows Server. Any help from the community will be helpful for VCS version 6x Thanks

VMotion vs VCS

  We have a  slightly complicated question, it is, however, not really that complicated.   We are moving one of our money generating apps over to dedicated UCS blades, and in VCS, (Linux on UCS blades with VCS), there is, however, some talk of using ...

Resolved! IMF VCS 6

i read in the release note that IMF is turned on by default. but it doesn't seem to be turned on if i didn't use the installer to configure the cluster. i just want to verify this with people out there. also how do you find AMF so far?

IdaWong by Level 4
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Vcs Webclient Management setup

Hi Techkies, I'm testing the VCS using my laptop Now i like to test with GUI and web based management software rather then CLI. can any one please help me to achieve this? Not to shy I'm newbie to vcs. google routing me to install some web enabler so...

Mr_Deen by Level 2
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Resolved! Trialware download problem

I've been trying to download a trialware version of Cluster Server to evaluate it for possible deployment, but am getting prompted for a reference code.  I have tried other trialware downloads and am getting the same issue for all products.  Am I mis...

8gate by Level 2
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Resolved! VCS for VMware ESX will support vsphere4/5 ??

Hello eveybody, Given the documentation I have found at  Symantec  website, VCS for VMware ESX is designed to run on platforms Vmware 3 (VMware Infrastructure). Can you please tell me if this product will be manufactured for Vware vpshere 4 and 5....

Resolved! VCS Clustering

Hi, I want to familarize myself with VCS clustering concepts and if possible want to try things hands on. Can someone kindly point me in the right direction, I will greatly appriciate it. Thanks, Akhil

Resolved! Container Name option doesn't show on VCS 5.1 onwards

Hi Guys,   I was planning to migrate the cluster from 5.0MP3RP2  to the latest 5.1SP1  , I was comapring the configuration details , specially I was loooking for the Solaris Zone configurations through VCS (mainly the is different from both ...

UnixFan by Level 3
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Resolved! High Availability (Zero Datat Loss/Zero Down Time) presentation

Hi,     I have to present a powerpoint presentaion to the high level exec in my company regarding High Availability (Zero Datat Loss/Zero Down Time) and was wondering if anyone has a presentation that I can refer to and use as a reference. This nee...

reza96 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Can a VCS 5.0 or 5.1 Cluster be included in a VCSone Config

Can a VCS 5.0 Cluster be included in a VCSone Config I have not fond any answer to a, in my oppinion, very common customer situation. If a customer has VCS (SFHA) Cluster and wants to use VCSOne for another part of his infrastructure (in my case VM...

Resolved! Oracle RAC and Split Brain Situation.

Folks, Any thoughts how does Oracle RAC handles Split Brain situation ? Might be this is a relative question with w.r.t two varied technologies .. but I assume its the best place to put this as Veritas is master in handling SPLIT BRAIN situation. ...

Resolved! VCS new volume created. Need to add up under existing Resource Group under 2 node clustered Solaris 10 Server...Important..please assist

Hi, I am newbi to VCS. OS is Solaris10. Two node cluster env. New filesystem already created and mounted with dedicated Vertual IP and is already under VCS. We have added two more Vol's (Vol03 & Vol04) in the existing Resource Group say 'node1_rg' ...

Resolved! Experience with SF HA for Windows 5.1

Hi all, We are running Storage Foundation HA for Windows 5.1 and are experiencing some problems. Does anybody like to share his/her experience with me on the subject? stability of the clusters, Management, infrastructural problems, organisational is...

eu22106 by Level 4
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