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SSIS in SQL cluster

Hello all, what is the recommended configuration for SSIS in a SQL cluster?  If we develop the packages on a different non-clustered instance with BIDS, do I even need to install SSIS within the cluster environment?  This is on a 6.0.1 cluster enviro...

scogeb by Level 3
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Resolved! Group vxfen keeps offline in VCS 5.1

  Hi all!   We have started to setting io fencing up in our VCS in customized mode (using 3 CP servers). In VCS 6.0 everything works just fine but in VCS 5.1 (SP1RP2) the group vxfen keeps offline although it seems to be working properly:   Under Lin...

joagmv by Level 4
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Resolved! Looking for root cause on my a resource is offine.

I recently noticed that I have a resource that is offline. I am fairly new to VCS and I'm looking to track down how I can determine when and why this resource is offline. VCS seems to have a ton of logs and I'm not sure which one will benefit me in m...

Nu-B by Level 2
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unable to create application resource

I have an issue with creating application resource in a SFHA environment. below is my configuration. In my environment a two node SFHA not wish to let VCS take control of the database instead. a script created to start and stop the databas...

kayak_pc by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! agent is not able to control oracle database

Dear All, I am working on 5.1sp1rp2. On my platform there is a oracle 11g2. vcs is not able to control oracle.  for example when I try to offline the database (which is started up manually) in engine_a log it says;     2000/01/13 11:07:13 VCS INFO V-...

Resolved! Cluster Manager Java Console Usage

I have too many clusters, names of which differ by only one or two characters at a time and searching for the cluster I want to log in, takes up a lot of time, especially in a catastrophic situation, it is unbearable. I asked around and got the answe...

TheNomad by Level 3
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VCS ERROR V-16-2-13067 SERVER01 Agent is calling clean for resource because the resource became OFFLINE unexpectedly, on its own.

Hi,, I have 8 nodes Veritas cluster running on RHEL 5.5 in which we are using Firedrill resources. For some time now FireDrill resources faulted everyday with below error.   LOGS:   2011/01/21 20:38:06 VCS INFO V-16-20054-101 SERVER01 MirrorViewSnap:...

Resolved! pause between one resource and another

Hey All, I am looking for a solution to the following problem. I have a group conrolling Sybase dataserver instance which starts resources in the following order 1) disk group 2) ip and volumes 3) mount points 4) dataserver 5) backupserver Thing is t...

bazi by Level 3
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Resolved! VCS 5.1 SP1, Netbackup & Linux RHEL 5.6

Hi All,   I am new to this forum. Need your help with one of the issues i m facingat a customer site. I am having a setup of 3 clustered nodes. 2 cluster at one location & 1 cluster at a remote location. The failover between the 2 nodes is a normal f...

Resolved! RemoteGroup Resource - MonitorOnly

I created a RemoteGroup resource last night, in VCS 5.1 SP1 RP1 on Solaris 10, to do some testing and validation.  I needed a resource which monitors a remote service group (Oracle database service group).  It doesn't need to cause the remote service...

jstucki by Level 4
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solaris iscsi for vcs fencing vxfentst getting failed

  root@node1 # vxfentsthdw    Veritas vxfentsthdw version 5.1SP1 Solaris     The utility vxfentsthdw works on the two nodes of the cluster. The utility verifies that the shared storage one intends to use is configured to support I/O fencing.  It issu...

sam321 by Level 4
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Resolved! apache in cluster on solaris 10

  HI i read the 5.0  BARG documentation but it is recommended to install apache on shared space disk. is It possible to install apache binary on a local system disque and put configuration file on shared disk. please help me find documentation ...

knguessan by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Running StartProgram and StopProgram manually

I am writing a script that will allow members of an application development team to restart/stop/start their applications which run under VCS without triggering a failover or fault within the cluster. I'm doing this by simply freezing the service gro...

SQLagent does not start?

Hi all, I have a strange thing going and can't figure out where to look. I have is a SQL-agent that only starts manually but not when under control of VCS. When VCS starts the service it changes the state to "Starting". After a couple of seconds it ...

eu22106 by Level 4
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Resolved! Rename disk group in VCS?

Hello, I am in the process of converting a "DIY" HA solution to VCS. Due to limitations in the way the database is setup, I have to import the diskgroup and change its name, and when I deport the disk group, change it back. This was previously done w...

Resolved! question about resource linking

Hello all: My environmnt: VCS 5.0mp3rp5 on two SUN M5000s running Solaris 10:   My question: I have a service group set up with a disk group, network, mount points, oracle and listener resouces. WHen I first setup the serivce group, I setup the netwo...

GeorgeC by Level 4
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