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Department Paritions and Random Sampling

Problem: I need to ensure that emails sent/recieved (regardless of message route) for a particular group of users are reviewed by one reviewer, and that the emails for this group of users do not turn up in any other review set. I thought that creat...

JYezzi by Level 3
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Implications of changing company's SMTP address

Using EV/CA/DA 11.01 CHF3 We have CA Seaches setup to seach anything between a Dept and and Outside the Organization.  If I change the company's SMTP address from  to will messages that were external become internal and vi...

Scott__Hastings by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Items Captured via FSA

Would items captured using File System Archiving searchable in the same manner as emails using Compliance Accelerator? Meaning, could I do a nightly search for hotwords against items moved into a specified fileshare?

CA Database Schema - SQL Querying

Hi there - I am currently looking to build some custom SQL queries against the CA database but am struggling to understand the various tables and their relationships. Is anyone aware of where I can find a data relationship diagram, CA data model sch...

Resolved! Access to research folder of ex-employee

Hi, One of user needs to access a research folder created by co-worker who already left the company.Even with administrator permission, we are not able to access the role assignment tab to change the permission.As far as I know, only the folder owne...

Resolved! I need a SQL query for CA

Hi,   I need help creating a sql query to collect the following data:        *   User Name/Login ID      *   First Name      *   Last Name      *   Email address      *   Account Disabled Flag      *   Entitlement within the application once...

JimmyNeutron by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! "Based on Search" for all nested departments

Is it possible to apply a "based on search" to all nested departments?  We have elected to structure our Departments by sales channel with nested departments by manager within the channel.  Generally, each nested department contains the same search c...

Resolved! How to put CA into read-only mode

Hi, We are performing DR failover testing and would like the EV and CA servers to be in backup mode.  It is straight-forward to put EV into backup mode.  We do have journaling connector installed and random sampling enabled.  Anyone know how to do i...

Fremont by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Unable to export under research folder

I am unable to export under research folder though I have owner of the folder and have full control and export permission on the folder. I can search but under export tab, "New" button is grayed out.    

Resolved! Report for items reviewed by a reviewer in CA

Hi , I have a requirement to prepare a report on total no of items reviewed, pending and questioned for one employee in compliance accelerator. I checked the inbuilt CA report " Evidence of exchange(internal) review by employee " , but it displays ...

Resolved! Custom CA Reports

Hey. The standard CA reports are pretty useful, but I'm wondering it it's possible to create a custom report or modify an existing one. Specifically, I'm inerested in "Monitored IDs by Department". That report only includes messages from random samp...

Resolved! Customer's background tasks stuck in starting

CA On 1 of our 2 CA servers the all of the customer's task status is showing as "Starting". The service status for these customers shows as "Stopped" in the CA client. I can't find any errors in the Event logs or IIS logs that give any so...

Jolaine_Y by Level 4
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