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Resolved! Can't login to console DI

Hello! I installed Symantec_DataInsight_windows_4_5_0_4800_x64.exe on Win server 2012 R2 x64 at virtual machine on VMware. After finished installation I can't logon to console (see attach). What login and password we will use to logon?  

Scan failed exit code: 263

Hello. I have a server OS Win Srv 2012r2 with Data Insight Version Connected with an agent Filer OS Win Srv 2012r2 with Shared Folder. The account from which the scans are the most rights to the maximum level of the file system and shar...

fox_neo by Level 2
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Resolved! Tracking audit files

How does one determine where an audit file that is stuck in the err folder? The name has the format audit_cifs_... Is there away to use that 5 digit number that follows the cifs_ to know which filer it originated?

drahrig by Level 4
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Resolved! Error Adding new Web Application

Hi,  I am getting a failed error attempting to add a new web application to DI. The error is below.    Failed sharepoint_utilclient.exe exited with error code 200 for operation DISCOVER_SHARES_PROBE_MODE. Ensure that late...

Removing Database Entries of EV Control Files

When combining DI with Enterprise Vault, EV is using “alternate data streams” and writes a lot of hidden control files (i.e. evarchivepoint.xml, evfolderpoint.xml) into the file system. They can be seen by Data Insight, which is a known issue of Data...

Resolved! Data Insight for Sharepoint upgrade - 4.0.1 failed

Working with a client now on upgrading their DataInsight production servers. The Manager, Collector/indexer upgrades including about 20 agents were all successfull. Moving to upgrade the Sharepoint farm per documenation we uninstalled 4.0 and ran the...

ndaniel71 by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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