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DQL Last Accessor Report

Hi, I am trying to run a report to find the last time a file was accessed and by who.  The below DQL query works with all columns apart from the and  If I run it without these 2 columns it works fine, as soon a...

Report for billing purposes

Hi, I have a customer who wants to be able to assign a cost to specific departments (custodians)  based on their file system usage over a period - say a month. Does anyone have any idea how I could do that.  The customer can provide a list of 'pric...

DQL Report does not output to 1 file 5.0.1

I am using DI 5.0.1 and I am not able to have the DQL report to output to 1 single file. Is anyone else having this issue? I have a DQL query and when I am pulling some of the AD Attributes, it will separate the files. I even have put 'format user...

Resolved! Tracking who deleted a file or folder w/ Data Insight

  Can I leverage Data Insight to track down who deleted a file or a folder? Use case:  Someone calls the Helpdesk saying that Super Important folder is missing and they need to be able to access that folder.  So  I open up data insight and navigate...

jjesse by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Programatically Query all files a user has permisisons to

    Hello crew, I am wondering if this is possible at all to make Data Insight spit out a list of all the files a user has access to.  The example:  An employee is terminated so I want to submit a form that queries Data Insight and generates a lis...

jjesse by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Report for Orphaned Files - DQL

Hello all, Has anyone created a DQL report that lists out all of the Orphaned Owned files? Trying to get a list of all of the files that do not have Existing owners to them. Thanks Ronak

reports with large output failing

We have a need to generate data that is creating large reports, and failing.   Ideally, we wish to get "Access Details for Paths" to generate a CSV for a large base of folders/files, across a large period of time.   Even carving the time down to si...

kdrone by Level 3
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Data Insight Policies and Alerts

I have a client that would like to be notified if a user attempts to access files or folders to which they shouldn't have access. Now, this should not be an issue at all if file and folder ACLs are correct but that's another story. So, assuming a use...

Resolved! Can't login to console DI

Hello! I installed Symantec_DataInsight_windows_4_5_0_4800_x64.exe on Win server 2012 R2 x64 at virtual machine on VMware. After finished installation I can't logon to console (see attach). What login and password we will use to logon?  

Resolved! Report of Data Insight Users

Hi, Apology this question is related to internal tables rather than DQL, but hopefully someone on here may be able to help. I need to create an automated report or script that captures a list of the Data Insight users and their respective roles to ...

Workspace, Activity - what does it show?

Exactly what does the Activity and "Active Files" in the Activity view of the Workspace show? I cannot seem to find a reference to it, my guess is: Activity: Online manual says "Total Access Count on the Share", is opening and listing content of th...

Data Insights how to report on NTFS permissions

We are running Data Insights Version I have a path permissions report that currently reports on Everyone and Authenticated users.  I need to be able to report on domain users as well under certain conditions.  Does anyone else kno...

ajkarn by Level 2
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Null values when querying dfspath table

Hi, I'm running a DQL report which queries the dfspath table, and unexpectidly getting "(null)" values being reported in every column where it trys to resolve the DFS path names.   dfspath_rowidmsu_nameparent_nameabsnamenamephysicalname1Files/Lond...

DQL report assistance

I am trying to create a custom DQL report with the details below but I need to search our file servers over a specific date range and can't work out how to specify this.  can anyone assist? FROM path Get name, basename, absname, created_on, active_...

Resolved! Symantec Data Insight 5.0 Documentation Available

Symantec Data Insight 5.0 product guides (PDF and HTML pages) are now available on the SORT documentation page.The Symantec Data Insight 5.0 documentation set includes the following manuals:Symantec Data Insight Release NotesSymantec Data Insight Sel...

DQL - Bulk input of search paths

Hi, I have a report which searches a list of paths for certain types of files such as vmdk, for example. FROM dfspath GET absname IF extension = 'vmdk' AND (substri(dfspath.absname, '<search path1>')=1  OR substri(dfspath.absname, '<search path...

Need help creating a DQL report.

I have no idea how to write a DQL report.  Does anyone know if there is a spot to go to to get reports that others have written?  If not how would I pull a report like this   I need to sort and calculate by inferred ownership.  We would like to see...

EKutsko by Not applicable
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Resolved! Does Data Insight Support PGP Encrypted Folders?

I have a Data Insight customer who is in the process of deploying PGP to provide secure encrypted folders for their file-shares. Is this supported, and does it require any changes to the collectors to enables Data Insight to scan these folders? Kind...