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Useful Desktop Laptop Option 9.7 Links

DLO Readme : v9.7DLO License GuideDLO Install Prerequisites : v9.7Quick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and Configuration : v9.7Administrator's Guide (EN) : v9.7Software Compatibility List : v9.7Hardware_Compatibility_List : v9.7How to use VxUpd...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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Resolved! Ghost Split

Hi I need to create ghost to 7.5GB data and to insert it to x2 4.7GB DVD media I’m using this command to create it: ghost64.exe -clone,mode=create,src=1,dst=3:1\XP1.gho ,split=3072 –sure –z9 On the first media I got windows PE and because of that...

Resolved! Upgrading from Client DLO 3.01.06 to 8.00.01

Hey All, We are currently upgrading and switching servers from DLO3.01 to 8.0. Our process is to create the user on the new server and push the client using the wizard. I am getting a significant number of failures and some of them can be pushed usi...

s_d_k_k by Not applicable
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when launching a Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) client. "The Software is either not configured or has been disabled by your Administrator"

When I launch Symantec DLO client. i got an error which says  "The Software is either not configured or has been disabled by your Administrator". and DLO Client windows shows Disabled. So therefore, I am unable to customize and none of my files are...

Resolved! Symantec DLO 8.0 case study

Assuming that we want to deploy Symantec DLO on our HQ and for few branches by using single administrative console. Take note that we want to separate the storage/dedupe (each branch have their own storage) ; Do we need to deploy any separate edge/i...

Resolved! SDLO 8 Desktop angent problem on Windows XP

Hello, I have problem with SDLO 8 Desktop agent installed on windows xp pro SP3. I remotely installed desktop angent with successfull installation on windows xp. When common user, without administration rights, is log on, during backup whole pc fre...

vkondelka by Level 3
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Boot Wizard and USB

Symantec,        I just purchased a few Optiplex 9030 computer  with an Intel 1217 Ethernet Network Drivers     The goal is to create a bootable USB using Ghost Boot Wizard.     So I followed these instrutions video

oross by Level 2
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Consulta en profile

Buenas tardes, mi consulta es la siguiente. Tengo usuarios que corren bajo el profile "default" y sus respaldos han sido ejecutados bajo este profile, el problema es que creé otro profile "test"  con nuevas carpetas que deben ser excluidas, el cual ...

Win server 2012 DLO 7.5 migration

Hi All, I have been following this article ( to migrate our DLO 7.5 to a new server (both on server 2012). I have managed to get all the way to the point 12 (12) On the old Server use the ...

Resolved! Unable to connect to DLO Media Server using Mac

Hi I am getting the below message when launching DLO from a Mac which is joined to the domain:      Unable to connect to Media Server. Either you are not connected to the network or te Server it not      responding. DLO need to be able to contact ...

smithj by Level 6
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DLO 7.5 local profile issue

Hi All, For some unknown reason this morning the DLO agents have decided thaty they want to backup the local profiles for all users that have ever logged onto the device (As below) rather than just the current logged in user. I am currently unable t...

DLO Storage Migration

Hi What is the fastest way to migrate user NUDFs from one location to another? We want to migrate from a NetApp filer to cDOT storage. I have tried this out before where the DLO server is based in California and I had to migrate users from Minnesot...

smithj by Level 6
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Issue running DLO 7.6 SP1 Agent on Mac

Hi We have several Macs in our company which are not connected to our domain. So, we use a local account on the Mac and then use a VPN client to connect to domain resources using a domain account. We have just recently upgraded a test DLO server to ...

smithj by Level 6
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Resolved! Email notifications on DLO 7.6

Hi Has there been any fix for the email notification issue in the below article? I had this issue with DLO 7.5 and upgraded to DLO 7.6 hoping that it might fix it, but it's still the same ...

smithj by Level 6
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DLO backing up too many data

Hi everyone, We're in the process of implementing DLO 7.6 for the first time. We've created a new backup selection with the folling settings: and made the folllowing selections: For whatever reason, DLO is backing up the selected files and lo...

CarolineKiel by Level 6
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Report generation failed in DLO 7.6

Hi, We have Symantec DLO 7.6 running on MS Windows 2012 R2. We are trying to generate reports rom the DLO console...but none of the reports were generated... The following error were shown. ************************************** An error occurre...