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Useful Desktop Laptop Option 9.7 Links

DLO Readme : v9.7DLO License GuideDLO Install Prerequisites : v9.7Quick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and Configuration : v9.7Administrator's Guide (EN) : v9.7Software Compatibility List : v9.7Hardware_Compatibility_List : v9.7How to use VxUpd...

klauskresnik by Moderator
Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Can I use Ghost to clone over the network?

So we have a network with about 200 workstations.  Some are Win 7, some are Win XP and some are Win 2000. For the most part, each workstation has different applications running on it.  The current issue is we have to STIG every one of them and are af...

Rayj00 by Not applicable
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Resolved! SDLO 8 Desktop angent problem on Windows XP

Hello, I have problem with SDLO 8 Desktop agent installed on windows xp pro SP3. I remotely installed desktop angent with successfull installation on windows xp. When common user, without administration rights, is log on, during backup whole pc fre...

vkondelka by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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DLO admin using internet!!!

We got normal setup of 300 users with DLO 7.6 and mix of Windows XP, 7 and vista Recently we got alert from network team about DLOADMIN trying to access internet from one of user. and this repeated for another few set of users where DLO is installed...

V4 by Level 6
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Desktop Vault and Outlook emails

Our former IT person was great but, was recently replaced by someone who is just learning the ropes. He is overwhelmed so, he's no help right now. Here is my problem, I go to the bottom of my screen where I can search the desktop and type in a phrase...

Resolved! Restore old system via ghost

Hello -- I have an old system that I need to restore into a VM -- The ghost backup was done with version 9 or 10 of ghost. I have the CD and tried to  boot it in a VM .... the CD started to boot then just stopped at "please wait"  showing on the cons...

fpefpe by Level 2
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Backup (*. Pst) open outlook

  Good night, I am implementing the DLO v7, and am having trouble backing up to the Outlook files (*. pst) when mail is open, but when these files are closed if the can back, has some tip I can use??? Am I missing something??? Thank you.