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Resolved! Publish DA Client for remote access?

Hi,We need the DA client to be run from a browser or a desktop shortcut from remote devices not in the EV-DA domain.Has anyone achieved that? If so, With which technology? Citrix app virtualization perhaps?Thanks in advance 

bulk reject pending searches

Hi All,I am in the process of upgrading DA for a customer and found that there are a large number of pending searches in various cases. As it is recommended to check for any pending searches, exports before upgrade and reject them, I am looking for a...

Export a list of all DA 10 Cases

Export a list of all DA 10 Cases Hi Trying to look for a simple SQL query that will provide Case name, Case number owner and its status etc from SQL.   Does anyone have such a simple SQL Query ?  

DNABD by Not applicable
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Export search results in Discovery Accelerator

Hello, I have a situation where legal needs an export of all emails sent between two parties. They do not need the actual content, just the To & From fields and maybe the Subject. Is there a way to do that in DA? I tried searching with the browser s...

rnt123 by Level 5
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Search Date Range within a column

We are looking for a way to search for time frames within a column that is part of a spreadsheet. So far we've been unable to satisfy this request with DA. I've been asked if this might be possible using PowerShell. My assumption is no but I thought ...

Searching mails with blank titles

Hello, We are using Discovery Accelerator 11 and one of the specific search we intend to do is to look for all the mails with a blank subject. In the search terms, for "Subject"  we've tried to put the entry "" or to press space. But the system don...

brancs by Level 2
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Export Rules from Discovery Accelerator

We have a large number of  rules in disocvery accelerator and would like to export them out as ether html, *.csv or *.xls Is there a way to do this using the console or a SQL query?   Thanks    

WTTS by Not applicable
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