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Export Rules from Discovery Accelerator

We have a large number of  rules in disocvery accelerator and would like to export them out as ether html, *.csv or *.xls Is there a way to do this using the console or a SQL query?   Thanks    

WTTS by Not applicable
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Resolved! Order of upgrade for DA 10.0.4?

Just reading Upgrade instructions for 10.0.4. On page 34 it states;  Order of upgrade in an environment with Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator If the Enterprise Vault environment that you are upgrading includes Compliance Accelerator or...

Resolved! Looking to search by exact term and case sensitive

We are running DA 9.0 on a windows 2008 R2 server with the reviewer running the search from a windows xp machine.  He is looking to search for an exact term i.e. xyz.  If he puts in the search for "XYZ" would it only be for those three letters?  He i...

Resolved! Search Journal or all mailboxes - or both?

We've been running Discovery Accelerator for some time now and I have always wondered if there is a benefit to searching more than just the Jornal mailbox for Legal Cases.  It seems to me that if the Journal has a copy of all mail items, then searchi...

lsukip by Level 2
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Resolved! Migrate DA 9.0 SP1 to version 10

Hi all, I am in the middle of migration planning to EV10.  I got it all covered with exception of DA.  I am unable to find any guide that explains how to migrate DA 9.0 SP1 revision 23 to version 10.  Would you know where I can find such a guide? T...

Raf999 by Level 3
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Resolved! Searching for Searching Experts!

Help!  I know this should not be hard, but things never work out when you are in a time crunch do they?  All I need to do is get all the emails that are To or From one account when they are either To or From another account (basically all emails betw...

hlbenda by Level 3
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator - forensically sound search?

Hypothetically...let's say we produced emails pulled from discovery accelerator to opposing counsel.  They claim the emails were altered.  What can Symantec provide to prove a forensically sound search and and export.  Are there logs, hash files, any...