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Resolved! How to audit Discovery Accelerator ?

Hi Everybody, EV version is 11.0.1 If it is possible I would like to enable auditing for Discovery Accelerator. 5 years ago it was asked in forum discuss about this issue :

hbozan by Level 4
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Resolved! DA v9: Email attachments not exporting

Hello, A client is using Discovery Accelerator version 9 and is encountering the following problem: When exporting custodial mailboxes as PST files, email attachments over a certain size are not included within the resulting PST file export.  There...

Resolved! Discovery accelerator cannot create Report

Hi, when i am creating a case report i got the below error, i am using the same ev user for DA server and Client: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: An error has occurred during report processing. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportPr...

Resolved! EV discovery accelerator

Hi All, kindly i need your help, i installed EV discovery accelerator 11, but am not able to connect to http://localhost/evbaadmin/, it give me the below error "You are viewing this site without administrator privileges. Run the browser as an Admin...

Idriss_Ali by Level 4
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Resolved! export file system archiving searches

hello. thanks for the time and effort. I did a file system archive search and want to export the items.  however when i go to export> new > searches..the search is not listed in the drop down list.  is there something i am missing that else needs to...

goof717 by Level 5
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator 8 Search

Hello, I have to search and export all of a users email,, emails for the last 5 years but exclude about 40 names and domains from this search. Anyone know if there is a limit to how many names you can exclude from a search? I don't have ...

crisko855 by Not applicable
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Resolved! DA 11 no customer database update

Unfortunately I did not follow these instructions from the beginning. So I started to install a dedicated EV 11 server from the install media by using the install wizard. This server came on top to our 3 server environment with EV 10 (plus additional...

woelki by Level 4
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Resolved! Search to/from a user but exclude one domain

Hello. I need to conduct a search for all emails to/from one user in our system but need to exclude emails to/from internal users. For example, I need all emails to/from (that's easy) but I need to exclude anything that was sent o...

Resolved! DA single search

is it any possiblites to do in a single search for below? All emails sent and received by "adam " containing the following word in the contents, subject or email address: Boat  

Resolved! Exporting and recreating split PST files

Hello, Using Discovery Accelerator 9, I've exported out a significant amount of email for a custodian (about 50GB).  I've selected to export as 'Original Type' and to encapsulate in a PST format.  Doing this, I've run across a couple of questions th...

Format of displaying Receiver / Sender in DA

The problem is: The format of email address that displaying in Discovery Accelerator  is: "<Name Surname> email". For example, "Serhii Kohan".  If the Last Name is not specified, the EV in the search results in the FROM: or TO: f...

KohanS by Level 2
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Resolved! FIPS 140-2 for DA in domino journaling

Hi, Please advise is there any configuration and advise documents about the integration with MS windows' FIPS or NetApp or EMC The user would like to ensure that any amendment for DVS and DV* to be awarded after some intrusion Please advise Than...

tonywu_ingram by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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