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Resolved! How to audit Discovery Accelerator ?

Hi Everybody, EV version is 11.0.1 If it is possible I would like to enable auditing for Discovery Accelerator. 5 years ago it was asked in forum discuss about this issue :

hbozan by Level 4
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Resolved! DA v9: Email attachments not exporting

Hello, A client is using Discovery Accelerator version 9 and is encountering the following problem: When exporting custodial mailboxes as PST files, email attachments over a certain size are not included within the resulting PST file export.  There...

Meta Data and regular expression seach in DA

Hi , I have EV 10.0.4 deployed, and have Journal archiving enabled (Exchange 2010). On top of that I have Discovery Accelerator 10 installed. My question is around search, in partiular, can it do the types of searches that are listed below:- 1) Do...

Resolved! Does DA support CNames?

Hi Guys, I installed a brand new DA server called DAServer1 and configured customer and custodian db's.  Then installed a second DA server called DAServer2 with binaries only, no config, for standby in DR location. Next I created a CName called DA1...

Fremont by Level 5
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How to get total count of emails

I need to get a total count of emails done in a search in EV DA v11.  Can someone recommend the search setup to accomplish this?  I can set the search to run each week for last 7 days but would like to have the count not include email duplicates. Th...

Resolved! Need csv or SQL export of "research" view

I have need of a report that will show me the following information on an EV email search I've performed in DA:  Sender, recipient, destination, subject, date/time sent.  While I can display this information in the Discovery Accelerator "Review" ta...

Monitored IDs by Department Logic

I am searching for the tables used to create the Monitored IDs by Department.  The objective is to create an exception report identifying persons who are not assigned to a department.  My IT folks believe they can create a solution but have requested...

Resolved! Prompt For Connection CA &DA

Hi    I need to connect DA with different instance and I am trying to set DA client manually. Currently it set as automatically, did the change on config file as TRUE but still its connecting automatically <add key="PromptForConnectionDetails" val...

RRAKESHK by Not applicable
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Resolved! DA search terms and symbols

I'm looking at a particular search where they are looking for near hits and, amongst the search terms, excluding to or from certain targets.  eg.  restructur match within 10 characters as well as not to or from T:Joe McSweeney.  Also How many wildcar...

Resolved! DA performance issues - recommendation

Hi Running EV/CA/DA 9.0.2 Have a single EV SQL server, and a single CA/DA SQL server. SQL servers are 2008 R2 VMs, 4 CPU with 32GB of RAM. Planning on upping CPUs to 8GB. We've had some performance issues recently in the environmnent around CA an...

goatboy by Level 6
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Resolved! Discovery and Compliance Accelerator Reporting

I need to know if I can have Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator using the same instance of SQL reporting services? I have 1 SQL server with SQL reporting services. I'm setting it up for CA but wanted to know if I need to install another...

Baron164 by Level 6
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Resolved! Finding Lync Message in DA 9.0

Hi all I have a question regarding finding Journaled Lync message in DA. Tool in use: Symantec Enterprise Vault Discover Accelerator 9.0, Microsoft Lync 2010. All Lync messages are stored within the users Mailbox in a folder called "Conversation Hist...