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Resolved! DA question about "Items already in review"

Hello, Just needed to confirm something, legal was asking me about "Include items already in review". They wanted confirmation that this setting is at the case level? So if the legal person runs a search and does not select "Include items already in ...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! DA litigation cases and EV's expiry service

EV/DA v904 We're about to enable expiry for the first time and I have a couple Discovery Accelerator questions, compliments of General Counsel. :)   If I run a search in a research folder and the results are in review, will those targeted items be...

Resolved! remove DA instance?

Hi   I have 2 DA db, one is an old one used for tests, and prod one. we would like to get rid of the test DB from the sql, but can't find a how to... Is it just taking the DB offline delete? or are there any steps to perform on DA side?   Thanks,   S...

Resolved! Search Journal or all mailboxes - or both?

We've been running Discovery Accelerator for some time now and I have always wondered if there is a benefit to searching more than just the Jornal mailbox for Legal Cases.  It seems to me that if the Journal has a copy of all mail items, then searchi...

lsukip by Level 2
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Resolved! searching within a mailbox in Discovery Accelerator

Hi. Thanks for the time.  I apologize for the noob questions.  I am just trying to get my head around Discovery Accelerator. If I want to search for items within a single user's would I go about it? This is what I have done so far: -cre...

goof717 by Level 5
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Resolved! Federated search

Hello, Looking various Discovery Accelerator documents, I seem to be possible to conduct federated search from Discovery Accelerator across multiple EV deployments, I would like to know what specific minimal permissions Discovery Accelerator service ...

ecrgvp by Level 4
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Resolved! Can EV/DA Exist Without Any Exchange Servers?

My company was acquired and are migrating all users to other company's AD/Exchange.  We were/are doing journaling only on all MBs. (EV 9.02, & Exch 2010 SP1).  No individual MB archiving.  My new company is not planning to continue archiving in any f...