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Resolved! Clearwell v8.1 Hardware Requirements

Hello.  I am gathering the Clearwell upgrade requirements (upgrade from 7.1.5 to 8.1).  I have two questions:  1) What are the hardware requirements for 8.1?   We do not have a Clearwell applicance. 2) Do I have to purchase a license for Office 201...

Backup and Restore from CW 7.1.2 to 7.1.3

We have a Clearwell system on version 7.1.3 that is clean with no cases. We have a system that is on version 7.1.2 that has all our cases on. I'm looking to restore the cases from the v7.1.2 machine to the v7.1.3 machine. Looking for documentation/...

R_P_R_ by Level 3
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Clearwell email proxy address

Hi, We have CLearwell 7.1.4 installed in our environment and per user is having around 100 proxy addresses of mailbox.Now requiremnt is user wants to display his atleast 60 email proxy addresses.I can achive this requirement If I set "esa.employment...

Resolved! Clearwell 7.1.4 HTTP request error

Upon logging into (7.1.4) UI, my main dashboard has a popup window error.  Am also getting same window every time I open a case and am taken to the case home. Window says "Failure: Unable to retrieve chart: HTTP request error" Services restart did ...


ISSUE:  We have many E-Discovery admins in a shared architecture - The problem is that they can add themselves to other cases. QUESTION: Can we make an E-discovery admin policy to only allow them to get to cases coded with XYZ*********  cases? Can ...

BCAM by Level 2
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EV Hold Data

Hi,   Please let me know how can we verify if someone has put EV hold via Cleaewell console? Is there any way through which we can confirm that this data has been put on Hold under EV ?

Clearwell Backup Best Practices

I know its probably taboo to post a quetsion like this and ask for information so many people arent willing to share (why I dont know), but I dont see why it hurst to ask. I am curious about best practices others are adhering to in backing up their ...

mmorocco by Level 2
Partner Accredited
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Best Practice for Ongoing Collection Task-CW7.1.3

All,   Thanks for reading this.  I was wondering what my best option would be in the following scenario:   I have 21 mailboxes i am collecting.  The collection task is scheduled to run weekly so i can get any changes in the mailboxes. i am wondering ...

Resolved! CW Redaction set question

Is there a way to copy a redaction set (even if on the back end by a Symantec engineer). we need to do one of two opeions:Produce a set of redacted files with transparency to read the redacted text and highlighted in yellow; OR copy a redaction set t...

Resolved! Collection Tasks - Best Practice

I am new to Clearwell and this is my first time seeing the forum so I am very new to this method of seeking information.  I'd like to get feedback on best practice for setting up collection tasks.  I'm not finding what I need in the Clearwell documen...

Resolved! PST collections

Is there a way, or will it be availble soon, to limit the collection of a PST to only those emails that are not responsive and not the entire PST?  I have several collections where large PST files are collected (counting against the Processing licens...

WiTSend by Level 6
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Clearwell tagging question for Predictive coding

We have a question on how PC (Predictive Coding) will handle the analysis if an email body is not privileged but one of the earlier/later replies or forwards is privileged... All messages are indexed (no derived emails) so I believe each email would ...

Resolved! PC Collection Include and Exclude

For PC Collection I really like the File Type Tab to include the certain file types, however i would also like to exclude certain file extensions from the collection. is it possible to do that? if it is point me in the right direction.