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Resolved! Vaulted emails and delegations

Hi.  We have users who receive delegation to other users emails.  Our domain policy is vaulting the emails after 90 days.  When the user goes into the vaulted emails that have been vaulted under someone else's username, they are not able to download ...

mbutler99 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Vault Cache is stored in the local Administrator profile?

I was checking on a user's Virtual Vault storage space and discovered that instead of the .db and .mdc files being under C:\Users\"user"\AppData\Local\KVS\Enterprise Vault\ the vault cache info is located under the C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Loca...

CCCIT by Level 3
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Resolved! could not connect to Enterprise Vault Directory on "EV10"

I have not used my EV 10 lab for a few month but I now want to do some further configuration, however I now get the above error when I try to open the EV administration console. In event viewer I also get the following errors: source - Distributed CO...

Bryan_W by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10.0

I am planning on deploying enterprise vault to archive PST files. I have 3TB of Data and 1275 of users. What hardware is recommended? Also, is it recommended to use Vmware to virtualize the servers? Any concerns? As of now, I need a DB & an EV. Is it...

EV 9 - Recommended Stripe Size for Raid 10 array

Hello,   We are going to set up our EV 9 server, which holds 8 X 500 MB disks. We are thinking of creating Raid 10 array, but we are not sure about the stripe size. Our implementation will server ~250 users, with a total of 350 GB curtently in the st...