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Resolved! Duplicate Mail Items after Ingestion

Hi all - another easy question I hope   Basically, migrating from Notes to Exchange and exporting Notes archives to PST files, then using EVPM to ingest that data into EV. A few users reported some missing data in EV. So we re-exported the Notes arch...

Resolved! Upgrade from 9 32 bit to 9 64 bit question

This is the process I am going to follow to move my EV server from a phsycal 32-bit box to a virtual 64-bit one. I wanted to double-check with someone to see if I am missing anything. My current version is 9.0.2.   1. Build new target EV server (Wind...

Resolved! List items approaching deletion period

Hi all, We are using Enterprise Vault 9 for archiving an Exchange 2010 organization (and some file servers). Our policies are configured like as follow for the Mailbox archiving: - Archive Items older than 3 months - Delete shortcuts after 2 years As...

peronc by Level 2
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Resolved! In VBA/Outlook, how to list attachments to EV-archived item

I'm trying to write a utility in VBA/Outlook which will list DIR-style the names of files attached to messages.  But we have Enterprise Vault, and I don't know what to do with messages in the vault. I can detect vaulted messages by checking whether M...

Resolved! EV archiving only sent items

Hi, One of the mailboxes in our enviorment is not getting archived by EV. Only the sent items of that mailbox is archived, although the criteria fits a lot of other emails.   We're are running EV 9 and Exchange 2007. Attached is the report for the sa...

Resolved! Vaulted emails and delegations

Hi.  We have users who receive delegation to other users emails.  Our domain policy is vaulting the emails after 90 days.  When the user goes into the vaulted emails that have been vaulted under someone else's username, they are not able to download ...

mbutler99 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Multiple Platform Internet Browser Support

There is something I don’t understand about the compatibility for Internet Browser support on multiple platforms in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange OWA roadmap in supporting multiple Internet Browser versions such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. W...

EHLO1 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Archiving Exchange archived mails ?

Hi there,   can anybody answer me the following question: One of our long-term EV customes, still using Exchange 2007, has acquired another company with an Exchange 2010 Server using Exchange archiving. The question is now, if it is possible to use E...

Messages not being archived from the journal mailbox

Hello   I had a journal mailbox that for some reason stopped archiving for a period of time. Then for some equally strange reason it started archivng again but there are 40000 odd messages that will not archive. A new journal mailbox was created as w...

AlanJ by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! How does EV 9 write to disk: sequentially, random or both?

From a disk I/O perspective how does EV 9 write to disks? I believe logs are written sequentially, but is vault data written sequentially or random? Can I configure how EV writes to disk or is it hard-coded during setup? Is this even an EV question? ...

Leo_ by Level 5
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Resolved! Deleted mailbox links do not disappear from Archive Explorer

I have a user who had rights to a number of mailboxes through which he was also granted rights to those mailboxes' vaults. Those mailboxes have since been deleted but when the user runs archive explorer the old mailboxes are still listed. If I try to...

Leo_ by Level 5
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Resolved! EV causing Exchange log growth?

Our customer have Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 and Exchange 2010 SP2 RU2. Two weeks ago we installed September, August and July MS updates, after the weekend the exchange server stopped because the exchange log volume had filled up. We noticed that logs h...

Resolved! Managing Managed Folder Retention

I'm trying to do something that MAY be out of scope.  Either that or I don't FULLY understand how to configure everything with managed folders, so here's the scenario: We're running an Exchange 2010 sp1 environment and EV 10 here, and want to create ...

Nufane by Level 3
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