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Resolved! EV server hardware change with no CName

Hi, Client has EV server installed with no CName and needs to move server to new hardware. ComputerName = ComputerNameAlternate = EVserver Trying to find out options: Server move technote at

Fremont by Level 5
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Capturing Metadata from Vault DVS file

Dear All - I'd like to capture meta data for all of the messages in our enterprise vault implementation - we'd like to run some basic analytics on historic communications.  We are currently using version 10 of vault.  I'm interested to capture the fo...

maaser by Not applicable
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Resolved! File Vault Store Partition - RAID Failure

Hello We had a RAID failure a few days ago. Our file vault partition was on this RAID and the data is unrecoverable. However we have managed to restore a recent back up of this partition from a back up dated 241015. My concern is that the files t...

Resolved! Moving Firgerprint Database- mdf file and ndf file question

This Tech article descrbes the procedure for moving the finger print datadase:   Do I run it against the one .mdf database only or do I have to runi it against the multiple.ndf databases as we...

legomai by Level 4
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Resolved! how to recover a deleted EnterpriseVault Archive

Hello together, is there a described way (best parctices) how to recover a deleted EnterpriseVault Email Archive (exchange in this case)? (for my understanding, we have to rebuild the whole EV in a separate environment and export the deleted archiv...

USL side affects?

Scenario: 6 EV servers in the site. Version 10.0.4 CHF3. Running USL from the VAC results in Storage, Task Controller and Indexing services restarting on ALL 6 EV servers in the site. This occurs if 1 out of the 6 servers is being failed over, -or-...

dihrig by Level 4
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Archive restore speed (Confused)

Hi all, I'm running a Enterprise Vault 11.1 I’m bit confused regarding the speed of archived data recovery process. When users go to recover a folder with say 300GB in it, it recovers the data at 14MB/S that is around 55GB per hr, which means that...

BEI by Level 5
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Resolved! Retntion Category question

I have the following sql script which shows assign retention categories and item counts for a particular mailbox ID.   USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory SELECT RetentionCategoryName, RetentionCategoryIdentity FROM RetentionCategoryEntry USE EVVSMBXVS...

pjglick by Level 4
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Migrate EV11 to new Exchange org name

Hello I have a requirement to change the organization name of our Exchange environment to a new name (Don't ask why !!!)   We have EV11 for Exchange installed and was wondering if i ran through the following process what the ramifications on EV wo...

Resolved! How to Merge two Journal Vault Stores

There are two EV servers in the same company and both have just Journaling. We want old Journal disk to merge to new Journal disk or add as a second disk and remove old EV server completely. First, there was one A_EV server (with Exchange 2010) and ...

hbozan by Level 4
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Resolved! Importation of PST

Hello,   I am wondering if you guys could help me or point me in the right direction of "how to"     Im currently extracting our companyarchive from EV.Cloud using Discovery Archive. As i am extracting these files into PST file format. As i am ...

nwalsh by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore data with Entreprise Vault

Hi, I would like restore all archive files to my file server, how can I do? I found the command: fsautility -t -s \\UNC -l -0 , is correctly? Thanks

jba by Level 4
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Resolved! Mass recall of mails to public folder

Hi Folks   I recall having an issue like this some time ago where we had a large amount of mail in a public folder that was archived by differant people and not the public folder task.    Basically we had to get in and recall the mail at what i t...

xgtdec by Level 4
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Resolved! Importing one dummy PST into several archives

Hi, I have many stubbed archives left after several Vault/Exchange/AD migrations. Their indexes cannot be updated, rebuilt, granted permissions are not being applied. Also cannot see any folder's structure within. The only way to access the data is ...

Resolved! SetEVExchangePermissions for Single Server

I'm trying to assign EV Exchange Permission on Single server with below format for Pilot. Please help me whether it will assign permission only on that server or it will assign permission on all the exchange servers in my environment. SetEVExchange...

Resolved! Ad-hoc archiving for a disabled mailbox

Hi The environment is Exchange 2010 SP3 + EV 10.0.4. Is it possible to trigger a script before we disable a mailbox during the separation process to archive all the mails to Enterprise Vault? This would be very helpful for our operations Team. They...