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SMTP archives permission

Hi!Is there a way to give specific permissions on all SMTP archives at once to a particular user?I know there's EVPM for Exchange and Domino archives, and I need the same for SMTP.Doing archives one by one takes ages.Thanks a lot!

Resolved! After PST Migration Completed End User Can't Open Outlook

Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 CHF1, On Windows 2008 R2, Exhange 2013 CU8, End user uses outlook 2013. After PST migration completed when end user trys to open his outlook he faces with error which PST Outlook data file can not be found. By manuelly I can...

hbozan by Level 4
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Resolved! Provisioning API Failing

Hi, I have been using a vbscript for a number of years that uses the evpm to prevent archiving the "DoNotArchive" folder in a users mailbox.  I think that this stopped working around the time we moved to Windows 2008 R2 and EV10SP4 but I can't be su...

wallaby by Level 2
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FSAUtility not restoring all files

Hi All Please i need your assistance on this one, one of our clients need to do a full restore of two folders, when running the FSAUtility with the following (FSAUtility.exe - t -s UNC path -d UNC path -f -l 0) its restores +/- 4500 items out of  +/-...

Crow by Level 3
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Resolved! Restore archived mail / api

Hi there, I have a similar problem as mentioned in this thread: I want to unarchive an email from outside the enterprise vault http-only addin - in my custom outlook ...

Resolved! ArchivePoints.exe via Powershell

Hi all, I’m in the process of creating a powershell script to check OU users against users already configured for file share archiving but I’ve hit a stumbling block. I can query AD to get a list of users per OU and their home directories, dumping al...

Resolved! VBA: Extracting mail attachements from archived mails

Like many others, i had a problem extracting attachement from archived mail items. The name of the attachement is "@"  instead of the actual file name. It was suggested in a particular mail to use the API, but you need EVAdmin to do so. (CreateObject...

2D by Level 2
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Resolved! MSMQ Monitor

Hi, We have a script in place to monitor different parts of our EV environment but we're giving it an over haul, I'm also trying to get up to speed with everything it covers. One part monitors the MSMQ and it uses a free tool called MSMQMonitor.exe f...

Resolved! Export archive to another forest

Greetings Guys, I've 2 forest A & B I'm tryingh to export the EV PST from Forest A to a map network drive which is in forest B. It fails with the following error "Reason: Unspecified error encountered during export operation. Please check the event l...

Resolved! In VBA/Outlook, how to list attachments to EV-archived item

I'm trying to write a utility in VBA/Outlook which will list DIR-style the names of files attached to messages.  But we have Enterprise Vault, and I don't know what to do with messages in the vault. I can detect vaulted messages by checking whether M...

Resolved! Script to get EV compliance data

Hi, Is there a script which can query EV to get compliance (licensed for/usage) data? Has anyone heard of this or have a link to more information? Thanks

dalbs by Level 4
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Trying to connect to Discovery Accelerator API

Hello Everyone, I'm trying to connect to the Discovery Accelerator API but keep getting the following error when I call the GetConfigurationData() method. Here is the code i'm using to connect. DiscoverySoapClient c = new DiscoverySoapClient(); c.C...

Resolved! SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1 Customization.

I'm doing some testing for an envronment where I need to selectively apply the SVA account permissions on a per server, per database basis. I understand that I can specify per server with the -server switch when ran remotely, does anyone have any tho...

moakita by Not applicable
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 9.0 Scripted Provisioning

I am currently working on an automated customer provisioning solution encompassing Active Directory, Exchange 2010 SP1, Blackberry and Enterprise Vault 9 (Personal Archiving). The solution uses Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 with some Powe...