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Resolved! Windows 7 Search Results Not Listing Vault Cache Messages

I'm new to Enterprise Vault so if I have information completely incorrect or I'm doing something completey wrong please let me know.  Here is my setup:     Enterprise Vault Version = 9.0.2 (.1061)     Outlook HTTP-Only Add-in Version =

Aaron_A by Level 3
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EV Clients in Outlook - Credential Prompts

We accidentally turned on Anonymous authentication in IIS7 for the Enterprise Vault website. We started noticing users were being prompted for credentials as soon as the EV cache sync kicked off in Outlook. So, we disabled Anonymous authentication, b...

pwm11 by Level 3
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Resolved! MSMQ A7 not moving. Mailboxes not synching

I noticed that my a7 queue is not going down. I have synchronization scheduled twice daily at 11 am and 11 pm. Synchronization always completes within an hour. I tried restarting my ev services but that did not help. Any assistance would be appreciat...

Leo_ by Level 5
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Resolved! Vault recover

Un utilisateur a été supprimé, il y a quelques mois (dans Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4), sous "Archives", dans "Exchange Mailbox" et il n'y a eu aucune sauvegarde de faite, pour le serveur Exchange (via NetBackup), pendant la période du 01....

Resolved! Enterprise Vault- unable to convert archived emails to pdf

In outlook, open a email message that has been vaulted by enterprise fault it opens but when I choose my acrobat 9.0 addin i does not convert that email to pdf. And can not longer convert any emails to pdf and have to restart outlook.   If I do on a ...

chad_mohr by Not applicable
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Resolved! Download of EV Outlook Add-In 7.5 (Czech language)?

Hello I have a simple question. The support of Symantec is not able to provide appropriate informations. I want to know where I can download the Outlook Add-In for Enterprise Vault 7.5 in the Language Czech? Here are some additional informatio...

Resolved! Unable to migrate PSTs into vaults

I am running this script to migrate a couple of PSTs into vaults whose associated mailbox and user account has been deleted. I am getting this error message "error creating privileged mapi session". The account I am running the script under has full ...

Resolved! windows & instant search issues in Windows Seven

Hello, I meet issues using windows search (Windows Seven) and instant search (Outlook 2007)to find messages archived with EV in Virtual Vault (Server and clients are 9.0.1). 1- The first issue is that results found using Windows Search are not appear...

ZeNick by Level 4
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Microsoft Outlook 2010 and EV HTTP-Only Outlook add-in

Hi,   I am trying to upgrade our machines from Outlook 2003 with EV client 8.0.9905 to Outlook 2010 with the new EV HTTP-Only Outlook add-in (9.0.5134).  I need to do this silently and all in one install.  I have manged to upgrade both, removing Outl...

Adding items to the Virtual Vault causing crashes

My client does have a case open with Symantec support, but not much progress has been made as of yet.  With both the 9.0.0 and the 9.0.1 client we've been experiencing the following issue: Adding (drag and drop) emails from the mailbox in to the Virt...

Korbyn by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Outlook Add In EV 8

Hi All - I am running Enterprise Vault 8.0  SP4.    I am still in test mode, and as a test I selected myself as the first user.    I am running Windows 7 32 bit, using Outlook 2007.   When I try to install the Outlook Add-in, I get a Microsoft CRT e...