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EV client deployment suggestion

People, Tomorrow I'm going to upgrade the EV v10 to v11.0.4 on the server side, I guess it is just a simple Next-Next-Finish wizard to follow. But now the problem is how to automatically upgrade the hundreds of EV client installed on users outlook ...

Conflicting outlook add-ins

If I install the Enterprise Vault add-in for outlook 2010 first, I can double click on an email and it loads up fine. After I install a add-in from a different company, all the email come up saying there was an error loading this item - some function...

Enterprise Vault Compatibility with Microsoft CRM

We have the Enterprise Vault add-on installed within Outlook 2010. we also have Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client installed. Based on some limited testing it would appear that there may be a conflict between these two add-ons; when both add-...

EV client add-in toolbar does not display

Hi I am trying to install EV client add-in toolbar on outlook 2013 32bit. Installing was correct and I could see Enterprise Vault add-in in Add-Ins option of Outlook but EV client toolbar does not display on outlook 2013 32bit. OS is Windows 7 SP1. ...

Jake_kang by Level 4
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Vault Search cannot be opened in Outlook 2013

Hi @ all, since we update Office from 2007 to 2013, many users (increasing) have the problem, that if they try to open the integrated search, the search02k.asp and also the new EV 11 search cannot be opened. Only an empty windows will be displayed (...

Resolved! Using office 365 ProPlus 2016 with EV

Upgrading to office 365 proplus 2016 and Installing a fresh copy of EV and I notice that the addin doesnt appear to be fully functional.  Under options in outlook the addin is listed however, the menu option does not appear.  Has anyone s...

CarlikJ by Level 2
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Vault Cache Diagnostics sync pending

Hi, I have 6 case, out of 12407 archive, where Vault Cache Diagnostic shows Status = Pending, Header Sync State = Not yet syncronizing. One of the client call because every time its start outlook a message popup saying that EV is not syncing call S...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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error sys webforms.pagemanager evault

Hi, I have many emails exchange  archived   with  add-in enterprise vault for client windows 7 , but I fond  some dificulties with this operation. please advise for a solution  error message :  sys webforms.pagemanager a la valeur Null ou n'est p...

Resolved! EV error message pop up

Hi all, I need your help? I have a user having issues when opening certain enterprise vault messages Does anyone know any quick fixes?? any help will be much appreciated :)

How do users apply a retention catagory to an email

Hello We have a 7 year retention Catagory which is "locked" and is applied to all our users. we need to set up a new retention catagory for users so they can apply this to specific emails. I seem to be going round in circles with this so could any...

Vault not archiving emails

Im sure this is a very basic question, Im at a Loss here and have no experience with this program so I am not even 100 percent sure what questions to ask. I Have 3-4 users for whom the Vault Archive process has stoped working, They have about half th...

Resolved! Latest Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In Download

Hi! This may not be the right place for this question, but where can I download the latest version of the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In? We have licensing, etc., but I've searched all over the site with no luck. Also tried calling Symantec custome...

cbsmthi by Level 2
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