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RPC over HTTP detection

I have implemented EV 12.0.1 to archive email in an Exchange 2013 scenario. Most end users use Outlook 2016. When a user is outside the corporate network the Vault add-in does not detect RPC over HTTP is enabled even though Outlook Anywhere is in use...

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Resolved! 10.0.4 JournalStub Table 1.3TB in Size Ouch and Growing

Can anyone tell me why in EV 10.0.4 on one and one only the Databse Size has a JournalStub Database Table that is 1.3TB in size and gowing. I checked the other JournalStub DB Tables on the onter EV Databases and they are in the meg range. Were ruunni...

Resolved! Help Required for Enterprise Vault 11 Mobile Search

Help Required for Enterprise Vault 11 Mobile Search We need to install & Configure Mobile Search for Users. Enterprise Vault version 11.0.1 Query 1) Is Mobile Search component still present in EV 11   2) Where can i find the Binaries( Setup fil...

Enterprise Vault Virtual Vault empty

I have setup a new Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 server with Exchange 2013 archiving for a proof of concept. The mailbox policy is set to delete the original after archiving and not create a shortcut. Using a Windows 8.1 client with Outlook 2013 and the 1...

Enterprise Vault Archiving performance via WAN

Hi All, Need clearity on below scenario. 1) 1 EV Site in Mumbai location. which has below servers. 1 EV server. 1 SQL Server  SAN Storage. need to add another EV server in Mumbai EV Site but location for Second EV server is Monaco. Local San S...

Resolved! Local Intranet Zones w Outlook Anywhere

EV 11.01 Windows 8.1, IE11, Outlook 2013   I have some end users who have the EV Servers in their Local Intranet Sites as per the EV Policy. The problem is that with the EV servers. (Alias, Alias FQDN and Hostname)  in the Local Intranet Sites, the...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Tab Missing in Outlook 2010

After installing Enterprise Vault addin 11.1.3474 on client win 8.1 desktop, I dont see Enterprise vault tab in outlook. I dont know why this is happening ? Allthough in add and remove programs it shows as installed, below is the screenshot: Even...

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Resolved! Index Locations

Hi,   We have Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 with HCP stoarge.Currently we are in middle of migration from legacy archving servers and around 1800 users have been migrated out of 14K users.At the time of instrallation of Enterprise Vault we configured onl...

If EV is in Backup Mode FSAutility works ?

Hi All, My EV is in Backup mode. there are some issues which are preventing from clearing Backup Mode. After reboot it will be cleared. but FSAutlity will work.   Query: If EV is in Backup Mode FSAutility works ?   Regards, Abhishek

Resolved! FSA agent version is older than EV server.

Hi All,   My Enterprise Version is 10.0.4 chf3 and file server agent version is 10.0.4 i need to upgrade file  server agent to 10.0.4 chf3 or it will work with same version. issue cant take reboot of file server due to bussiness impact. please s...

Resolved! FSA Utility question.

Hi All,   I am using FSAuility -t parameters command runs successfully. but get below info.   "number of files queued for restore are 16  File restoration operation has started" question1 : fsautility runs as per FSA task schedule or independ...

Resolved! Exchange Vault Store Reporting, hang and nothing happens

Upgraded Enterprise Vault to EV 11 on Windows server 2012R2.  Mail’s archived as expected. Problem:  In EV console, I am trying to look at reporting on Exchange Vault Store, it starts the process, but no result. A green progress line is showing bu...

jjorgis by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault Directory Database Move.

Hi All, Current enviroment. 2 EV Server and 2 SQL server. and 3 file servers. EVserver1 & Evserver2 & SQLSRV1 & SQLSRV2. Directory Databases resides on SQLSRV1 for both EV servers. need to move Directory database from SQLSRV1 to SQLSRV2. Also wi...

Outlook cache mode query

Hi there, I'm designing an EV 11 deployment with Exchange 2013, at muliple sites. My query is based on a remote site where Outlook cache mode is turned off and using roaming profiling. Will users at this site be affected in any way from a Vault ca...

ASG_Roger by Level 2
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Resolved! Upgrade to 10.0.4

Hi,   We have currently EV Vrsion 10.0.3 installed, if we would like to upgrade it to 10.0.4, do we also need to purchase license again or we should ask symnatec to provide us required setup ? Best Regards, Deepak

Resolved! User name not populate while single user provisioning

Hi Team, One of the user is unable to access his mail which are archive to EV, and when checked the database in EV I could find the user permission are lost. I had added the permission to the datbase and i was trying to provision the single mail bo...