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Resolved! Using RestoreShortcutBody for EV http to https change

Hi To change an existing EV server from the default http to https will require a number of things - firstly I need to change it in the EV site properties, then I need to change IIS and finally I need to run the RestoreShortcutBody for all mailbox us...

CadenL by Moderator
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Resolved! EV 11 and Windows XP with EV 10 plugin ?

Hi ! I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm French ! I installed Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 but I need to archive emails in Windows XP sp3 with Outlook 2010. Windows XP is not supported for EV 11 Client plugin. Can i use client plugin EV 10 to connec...

Resolved! windows xp service pack 3 and ev 11

I would like to know if Windows XP service pack 3 is supported if EV server version is 11 On the compatibility charts it is mentioned that EV 11 Client plugin is not supported but EV 10 Client plugin can be used.   In this case, can we have the Wi...

Microsoft Office Outlook Can't open this item

Outlook 2003, EV 8.0.4 We have one user who can't open items from the EV shortcuts in her mailbox. Outlook comes up with a dialogue box: "Microsoft Office Outlook "Can't open this item." She can open the items in Archive Explorer. She has tried...

Resolved! Restore Information from VaultStore

Hello to all, Anybody knows if it is other way to recreate or restore a massive information from a VS than FSAUtility or Export to PST.  I'm having some problems with FSAUtility -t and the export to PST it's not a viable option, because I need to r...

AG81 by Level 5
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Resolved! Outlook 2010 - "The custom form cannot be opened"

Hello, We've got several users who claim that, when opening an EV item, it appears the message: "The custom form cannot be opened. Outlook will use an Outlook form instead. The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your ad...

Marex by Not applicable
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Resolved! copy vault contents?

We have a new iT guy and hes of no use right now. I can search the Desktop and see the first few lines of emails I sent or received but, that's all. How do I restore the actual email? Also, is it possible to copy the vault to another computer?

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Mailbox Analyzer MAPI error

Hello I'm running Enterprise Vault Mailbox Analyser on a Windows XP SP3 and SQL Express 2005 against Exchange Server 2010. The account I'm using has Receive-As rights on all mailboxes. I have created an Outlook profile with this account to confirm it...

archived attachment in forwarded mail

Hi, Someone in our office complained that she received an login screen from the enterprise vault, when she tried to open an email attachment. On investigation it turned out that this person doesn't have an archive, but the email was forwarded form an...

jdamen by Level 2
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Resolved! Unable to restore many items using EV Outlook Addin

I restored a number of mails archived in the EV using the EV Outlook Addin. However, the mails were not restored, and have been in the same status for the last 1 week. When I open the mail, I get the status "The item is being restored by Enterprise V...

Enterprise Vault 10: Files lost extension

Hi All,   recently we have an issue with Enterprise Vault 10. We can see mails saved, but, when we restore them, the files attached to these mails have lost their extension and they are renamed as Part.001, Part.002, ... Anyone knows what can be the ...

BrunoC by Not applicable
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Resolved! VBA: Extracting mail attachements from archived mails

Like many others, i had a problem extracting attachement from archived mail items. The name of the attachement is "@"  instead of the actual file name. It was suggested in a particular mail to use the API, but you need EVAdmin to do so. (CreateObject...

2D by Level 2
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Resolved! KVS dll file causes IE to crash: gsprs.dll

The log files do not reveal errors. It occurs while using IE. IE then crashes and references the file. It cannot be unregistered or re-registered. Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 8.0.6001.18702, faulting module gsprs.dll, version

jroe by Level 4
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Resolved! create a rule with EV

Hi Everyone, how can i create a rute, that moves all the new mail to the vault?? for example: if an Employee in absence and i dont want to get his Mail overflowed, how can i set the rule for that??   thanks in advance dahlia

dahlia by Level 3
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Ordner kann nicht gelöscht werden!!

Hallo zusammen, manchmal wenn ich ein Ordner in Vault löschen möchte, kommt diese Meldung:   obwohl der Ordner ist von mir erstellet worden!! hat jemand eine Idee für dieses Problem??    

dahlia by Level 3
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Whole archived item in Public folder can not be displayed

Hello everybody, When a user try to open an archived item, it comes a shortcut only and not the whole item!! and also the Public folder in the Archive-Explorer is total different as it should be!!   After i run the Public Folder Task in Vault Consule...

dahlia by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault 10 Client and Internet Explorer 6

Hello All Yesterday we had an issue in one of our offices where users were not able to access vaulted items and that Outlook was freezing when trying to access archived items. We tried general troubleshooting like resetEVclient.exe, restarting Window...

AKL by Level 6
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