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NBU Appliance IPMI KVM Disabled

I have a 5230 Appliance, I have managed to get the IPMI configured by using IPMITools. When I try to use the KVM portion (Click on the Remote Control tab) I get a pop-up saying "This feature has been disabled by an administrator" I followed the inst...

Gfontes by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup KMS when appliance is master/media?

Hi, Master/media NB5230 v2.6.0.1, and FC to LTO6 drives in HP MSL 2024. I know how to setup and configure NetBackup KMS.  At this point in time I'm not interested in MSEO. The Appliance v2.6.0.1 Admin Guide, on page 106, says: "The NetBackup appl...

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! Estimating time to upgrade appliances to

Hello, We have (6) NetBackup 5220 appliances, all running (2.5.4 code). 3 of the appliances have 72TB of stoarge with 60% utilized, and the other 3 have 36TB each. I am looking to upgrade them to soon. I was wondering if anyone expe...

Resolved! Netbackup 5020 and 5030 appliances

I am simply looking for some information regarding these PDDO appliances.  Are they being phased out as a result of the increased capacity of their MSDP counterparts (5220/5230)?  I was in contact with one of our reps and they mentioned the 5030 was ...

Resolved! NetBackup 7.6GA vSphere 5.5 EEB

I was wondering if anyone has installed the NetBackup 7.6GA vSphere 5.5 EEB to allow VMware backups of vSphere 5.5 environments.  If so, do you know if it supports vSphere 5.5 update 1?  

Resolved! Appliances + FCoE

A year ago I started the following discussion: I would like to know if there´s any news related to it. I mean, is there any chance oh having CNAs in 5200, 5220 or 5230.? Thanks in advance.

NBdmecha by Level 4
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Free VMware ESX 4.0

Hi,   I am using NetBackup Appliance 5220 and trying to take a backup of free VMware ESX 4.0. But i am unable to take backup. Kindly let me know can we take free VMware backup from NetBackup ? Because what i think is this VM backup is not working due...

Product Reliability

We have 8 5220 appliances and 4 5020 appliances at this point. We are increasing our count as I write this by adding an additional 6 5220 appliances and 8 5020 appliances. In the last six months we have replaced four array batteries in these devices....


Does any of the Netbackup appliances support FCoE? I suppose no because it comes only with HBA cards but I need someone to confirm it.     Thanks in advance.

NBdmecha by Level 4
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Resolved! FC traffix on 5220

Hello experts, Is there a way to observe FC traffic on 5220? Can I tell that the data coming IN or going OUT of te 5220 is over FC or ethernet?   Regards,   ESM

ESM_Admin by Level 4
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Resolved! Appliances / VTL etc

Hi, With the impending end of life for the HP VLS family I am now looking at alternatives for our Backup Environment, HP have given us the pitch on their B6200 StoreOnce systems which can be set ups as VTL / NAS or StoreOnce Catlyst (Disk), does anyo...

Resolved! duplications from wrong media server

I have two 5200 appliances (2.0.1) one is in our primary data center and one is at our DR site connected by a 43mb pipe.  My primary appliance has two LTO tape libraries directly attached via fiber that are used for doing monthly backups.  I am using...