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Puredisk:How to set TCP Window Size

Hi All, How to set the TCP Window size for data transfer rate from client to Server. Does we have to add any entry in agent.cfg file.   Please help.   Thanks & regards, Vilas

PureDisk Retention - How does expiry work?

Using an MSDP, how does the Retention work? For example say we do a full backup every week and using an SLP we make a retention period of two weeks. When it comes to the 3rd week, the image from the first week should expire, but does the data get d...

mr2ns by Level 3
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Poor Read Performance

I have a pair of Windows 2008 Media Servers, each with a 10TB MDSP disk unit.  I am using approx 4TB per disk volume.  I write VMware backups to a unit, then use Lifecycle policies to duplicate to the other media server/MDSP plus also, in some cases ...

MSEO primary security server

Is is recommeded to configure the MSEO primary security server on media server instead of Master server? what will be the impact and limitation ?

demo4119 by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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How to Schedule Duplication from Pure Disk Pool

Hi, I have a NetBackup domain that uses NBU appliances running Pure Disk.  They consist of 4 appliances in one disk storage pool.  The people before me configured this domain in quite a hurry, using 49 separate SLP's with multiple storage units confi...

Cidman by Level 1
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puredisk gui not coming up

hi Tried launching my puredisk 6.5, butkeep receiving this error "puredisk error The webpage at https://server/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address" i have already renewed the certificate on the server but ...

Hi Everyone,

We have an Puredisk environment and its installed on the HyperV. While taking the .vhd backup, target client shutting down. Do you have an any idea about this problem ?

emret by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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post installation trouble - lack of documentation

hi, i have installed the puredisk 5000 from console, the procedure went fine, but now i'm trying to connect to production ip (it is up and pingable) and it's saying that there is a web error ( due to lack of documentation (t...

mgambetti by Level 4
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Resolved! DR backups fail 26% , pg_dump: SQL command failed

Hi We have had this frustrating issue for a month or more now one one of our SPA's and we have a active case logged but still no resolution.  When we try to a Full or Incr DR backup , it nearly always fails at 26% mark with the following error. [2011...

PureDisk single point of failure

Has anyone run into competitors (Data Domain) who assert that PD has a single point of failure; use of postgress database? If so, what is our response to this assertion. Is it true? Workarounds?

JLane by Not applicable
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Netbackup 7.1 Upgrade Recommendations

Hi All, I am currently a Symantec customer that has been running Netbackup Puredisk for quite a while.  We are currently running NBU 6.5.5 on a Dell 2950 (Win2003 Standard 4 GB RAM).  This server is our Master/Media Server, and backs up our datacente...

Resolved! Puredisk - Sync of topology failed: ***ERROR***

Hi I have upgraded 3 Puredisk nodes to (Two of them SPA replicate thier configs to the other). Since then I am getting two Critical Errors logged every hour on all three of these. The SPAAR replication now also only works if the files are une...

pdrai performance

Is there a way to increase the performance of the pdrai process on the client? I see jobs running the process for days.   Running PD 6.6

plslakewood by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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