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System state failures in pure disk

Hello All, it was windows 2008 r1 Client backup is failing with system state(completing with 64%), and getting below errors. Error: 2: resource child process: snapshot required but there is nothing to snap: no such object Error: 2: name process: u...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Pure disk reinstallation

Hello Experts, while reinstaling the pure disk client s/w on existing host(agent id:23), what happens if we reinstall the pure disk s/w with different agent ID(agent id 42). How the PD SPA will consider?

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! About Pure Disk

Hi All, Kindly let me know the following few questions about pure disk. 1)what is pure disk? 2)About pure disk architecture? 3)About pure disk deduplication? 4)About pure disk web user interface? 5)Can i know the role of vssadminlist writers re...

Anil_B by Level 4
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OpenVMS API wanted

I am rather new to NetBackup, and I'm trying to write some utilitarian programs in c.  Does anyone have, or know of, an API for OpenVMS?

CLI Command For Dedup Rates

NBU Experts,   Do any of you know if there is a CLI command  that can tell the dedup rate for all the images created, and stored in a PureDisk pool? For examaple, if I run bpimagelist on the master server I get some good info, but not the dedup rate ...

Mass delete error messages

When sorting though error messages in Puredisk, we have 33,611 critical error messages. the error itself has been resolved, but I would like to remove these messages. Does anyone know a way to mass delete these? Right now I can only remove them 20 or...

How to list jobs PDOS (CLI)

  Hello All.   Is there some command to list all PDOS jobs like bpdbjobs in NetBackup? I Was trying to create a similar report using the opsceter, but all clients recorded in the opscenter database has the client's name the puredisk server name.   Re...

tocals by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Reporting volumes of data backed up on puredisk.

Hi,   I require the volumes of data backed up on my clients being backed up on PureDisk. At this point in time i am going into puredisk and bringing up each job one by one on the monitor tab, copying the 'Source bytes backed up' figure and pasting it...

Matt_Harris by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Check Size of a Image

Is there any way to check the size of an image in an MSDP? I need to replicate a subset of the images on one MSDP to another and am trying to put a timeline together. Also if there is a way to figure out the size of that image after it is rehydrated ...

Agent Replication Failed

Hi,   We have set replication between 2 PureDisk SPA ( for several agent and all is working fine except for one agent. We have the same error each time for him and backups are fine :  *** Start: Replication Prepare *** The is Classic Repli...

how to calculate duplication time

I have a Storage Lifecycle Policy that duplicates from tape to puredisk and i want to know if is possible to calucate the duration of duplications. Thanks

mauog by Level 3
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Reporting 'frontend' capacity

We run PD 6.6 across a number of sites, and license based on front-end capacity (i.e. size of data backed up).  I'm suprised that there is no simple (working) report in PD to advise on how much data is being backed up.  Is there any improvement in r...