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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Problem backup Exchange / problema com backup Exchange.

I am having a problem with netbackup in exchange backup. I have one policy, with 20 bases, balanced on two servers, 18 bases always work and 2 return with error status 13. occasionally it works all. I found that after the error, the service 'Micr...

lcaiado by Level 2
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Resolved! Vault Job Problem

  Hello! We have a problem with the vault, because the job ends almost immediately and did not make the vault. We have both master and media on Linux Red Hat and our version of NetBackup is Below you will find the job log when it is star...

Cappino by Level 4
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Restore complete Enterprise vault

I have NetBackup env as below:   Master Server: NBU 7.6.1 OS: RHEL 6.6   Media Server: NBU OS Suse/NBU 5230 Appliance   And the below Enterprise vault environment:   Front End:   Cluster EV: OS: Windows 2008 R2 Enter...

Mux by Level 4
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Vault - Duplication job is skipping some images

Hi In my environment, Vault profiles are configured for Duplicating the backup images from my disk to tape., Everyday VAULT profile is configured to run using the respective Vault Type Backup policy., Everyday my vault job is getting fa...

Resolved! backup failure in Netbackup 7.5 and EV 10.04 integration

Hi Guys I have integrated NB7.5 and EV10.04  and  created 4 backup polices as below EV_Close_Partition EV_CLOSE_PARTITION=name1 EV_CLOSE_PARTITION=name1Journal EV_READY_PARTITIONS=name1 EV_READY_PARTITIONS=name1Journal EV_Open_Partition EV_OP...

Resolved! Netbackup OST - Enterprise Vault Agent Implementation

I need some info on NetBackup OST and policy type set as Enterprise Vault.   I need to know if I can create a NBU 7.6 Enterprise vault policy, and then backup the data to and OST device and replicate the data to anoter OST device (DR)  with SLP.  ...

NJCRU by Level 3
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Resolved! how archiving is happening in netbackup?

Hi Team,   can any one please expline how archacing is happening in netbackup ?. and how it is deleting data after duplication is don .means how it is deleting dae datain a primary location? 

sravya by Not applicable
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Resolved! Does Netbackup supported for EV 10.0.3 ?

Hello,   In Enterprise Vault compability chart; Netbackup 7.6, requires EV 10.0.3 and later services pack. But for netbackup 7.5.x we have no specific information? Anyone help me please?

nurgul by Level 3
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Backup fingerprint_db do Enterprise Vault com status 1

Boa tarde, O problema que ocorre é que o backup é efetuado e somente o job de controle finaliza com status 1 Todos os outros backups estão finalizando com status 0, não há nenhuma informação de erro no próprio EV. As políticas foram configuradas de a...

Resolved! Replicated Servers from Offsite Media Servers added to Vault

Hello all,   We run a monthly back up to tape from our Master Server using Vault Management. We also have a handful of offsite media servers with no tape robots that simply go to disk. I have setup replication from these media servers to our main Mas...

Enterprise Vault policy scheduling confusion

Hi All, I am currently confused as to when I should be scheduling my Enterprise Vault policies.  I have read Technote150237 and the NetBackup EV Admin guide and both say not to overlap the policies, but when I look at the white paper on page 13 it sa...

user022013 by Level 4
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