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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Exchange DAG location based Backup

Customer wants us to build a Exchange DAG with Nodes on two different Locations, DBs evenly distributed between both Locations. Backup should only save the passive Databases, as far as I know this requires DAG-Mode. Problem is that the Nodes in Loca...

Status 2001 on a cluster server

Hi All,   I am using win 2008 & 2012 servers and NBU in a cluster server, I got the error 2001 which is nothing but NO DRIVES ARE AVAILABLE, but i have plenty of drives and all are working fine and it is a FULL backup. In my environment we...

PavanK1 by Level 2
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NetBackup : GRT Failed to restore Exchange 2010 DAG

Hi all, I need help to resolv the issue I have. the Exchange DAG is made up of : - 4 MailBox server - 3 HubCas server under 1 appliance name BARACUDA - 2 edge server   I can restore Exchange Database. but, When I try to do GRT to restore an e...

enguessan by Level 4
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Exchange 2013 GRT Calendar Item Restore issue

We've noticed that it is impossible to restore a Calendar Item which was in Inbox during backup. Following error is generated in restore log: 11:45:27 (823236.001) MNR - error writing file: %1 11:45:46 (823236.001) INF - GRE EXITING WITH STATUS = 0...

Resolved! Problem backup Exchange / problema com backup Exchange.

I am having a problem with netbackup in exchange backup. I have one policy, with 20 bases, balanced on two servers, 18 bases always work and 2 return with error status 13. occasionally it works all. I found that after the error, the service 'Micr...

lcaiado by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup error 130 and 4207 by backup Exchange 2013

Hello There. We have created a new Exchange 2013 farm and now we want to backup this. The Exchange 2010 backup runs without any problems and i copied the Netbackup policy and changed the entries. When I start the Exchange 2014 backup with the ne...

Resolved! Problems with GRT on Microsoft Exchange

Hi! I'm having an issue trying to restore a mailbox on Exchange using GTR. The policy is MS-Exchange I'm able to browse through the backups, but when I click on the maibox I want to restore, it shows me an error that say: ERROR: Database system er...

Resolved! Exchange Incremental Backup Failing with status code 130

We have an active-active Exchange cluster. when running an exchange backup for all of our mailboxes, backup is failing with Status 130. So I run them by group/batch and i've identified that a single DB causing the issue. How can i correct this error?...

Resolved! Netbackup Exchange Backups completing partially (status 1)

Hi, This week backup all of the SG's for a exchange backup are failing with status 1, Its just backing up 3kb on each attempt. We have been informed by the exchange team that the SG's are 30+ gb each and recently the database(.edb) file were rebuil...

SLP Duplication of MS Exchange 2013 GRT images

Hi I have a couple of issues with SLP duplication from disk to tape. 1. As far as I can see, the duplication job requests and is granted a tape drive and a tape before the cataloging of the mailboxes starts, but the cataloging doesn't write anythin...

Laszlo_FE by Not applicable
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probleme exchange DAG server 2012

master server : solaris 10 media1 & media 2: oracle linux server backup 7.6.4 client : windows 2012 DAG exchange client version code erreur : 1: (636) read from input socket failed  file list : SET SNAP_ID=TTDAG01_1431802911 SET SNAP_ID...

Resolved! Information Store missing from backup

Wondering if anyone can explain this scenario... We are running NB 7.5, on RH Linux media servers, backing up Exchange 2007, using the NB agent. We needed to recover a mailbox in Exchange, so in going through the restore GUI in NB, we saw there is ...

LT2013 by Level 4
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nblbc.exe crashes on GRT proxy server

Our backup server is NBU Enterprise Server, running on OEL 5.10 (x86), on a Dell R620 server and Dell PVTL 2000 (2 x LTO5 drives), each drive connected via 6Gps SAS interface to NBU server.  We have two Exchange 2010 servers, each DB over 42...

Exchange 2013 Vaildation Credentials failed

I am Facing an issue while entering the MS Exchange user credentials in the host profiles of the Mailboxes / CAS servers , giving me "unable to validate user name and password". you will find attached the error pop up to me while trying to add the ri...

amr_tarek by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup Backup DAG Exchange

Hi,  There will be any issue if i backup active database in Full backup but backup passive database in Incremental. The real issue is when i backup incremental in passive database error 130 or another snapshot error happened. And when i backup full ...

MSI_iqbal by Level 5
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Restore of Exchange 2010 item to Exchange 2013

We're planning to move to an Exchange 2013 DAG from our current Exchange 2010 CAS/Mailbox server setup. We're using NBU with GRT to backup our Exchange 2010 environment; it's working great. I see from this forum post https://www-secure.syman...

ShelleyK by Level 4
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Resolved! Exchange 2013 and GRT

Since no longer requires NFS for GRT backups how come I'm seeing this message in the job status: Error bpbrm(pid=12296) from client : ERR - Client for NFS service is either not installed or not running. There really isn't a strait guide that...