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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! parent job fails for database backup

Master        SunOS 5.9     UNIX    Master Server    6.5.6    Connected Media        SunOS 5.10     UNIX    Media Server    6.5.6    Connected   I know the NBU version is not supported but to let you all know that we are already in discussion with...

Opscenter database clone Fails ORA-32002

Hi all, I was tring to clone a database to another client with Opscenter. I successfully run pre-clonet check but when I launc the clone I got the error:   14/09/2015 23:48:01 - begin Restore 14/09/2015 23:48:01 - Info bpbrm(pid=7320) vbodstest ...

MauroG by Level 3
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Resolved! Oracle restore, 2 different netbackup domains with A.I.R

Hi,  we have 2 different Netbackup domains PROD and UAT. Oracle backups are taken on PROD site then replicated over to UAT site with Netbackup AIR.  DBA wants to restore PROD data on UAT site.  (in netbackup policy we added script names in backup ...

Resolved! Oracle backup is failing with 6 error code,

Oracle backup is failing with 6 error code, In the detailed status I can see this error: Error bpbrm (pid=2845) from client xxxxxxxxxx-be: ERR - Script exited with status = 126 <NB database backup header is too large, too many paths specif...

Resolved! Best way to pass RMAN send command via a config file

Hi, I'd like to know the best way to read the RMAN SEND command that is in a config file instead of hardcoding into scripts. would a similar setup like below work with netbackup? allocate channel t1 type 'sbt_tape' parms 'ENV=(NETBACKUP_CONF=/home/...

JK1972 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Oracle redirected restoration issue

Moved from :   Controlfile restoration issue has been resolved after adding No.restricstions file, but stil...

Oracle Database backup hungs!

Configuration Setup Master Server - SunOS 5.9     UNIX    Master Server    6.5.6    Connected Media Server - SunOS 5.10     UNIX    Media Server    6.5.6    Connected Client - SunOS 5.9     UNIX    Client    6.5.6    Connected   Since last month...

ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out

Hi, I have some server didn't complete the backup and I receive ''socket write failed  (24)''. If I look inside the log I have this information: ''ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 110: Connection timed out'' The connexion are good between cli...

Resolved! Oracle RAC backup

Hi, I'm Oracle DBA which tries to prepare policies and scripts for NBU (7.6) to backup 2 node Oracle RAC databases. In documentation in Appendix B I find nice description for differe...

Resolved! NBU for Oracle - job policy in activity monitor

Hi, I'm Oracle DBA which trying to configure backup's with NBU. I'm using NBU for Oracle database RMAN backup with scripts. I've created several policies for different databases. I've got separate policies and separate scripts for full backu...

Resolved! Oracle Intelligent Policy - logs

Hi, I've got a question about Oracle Intelligent Policy. This new feature of NBU looks nice but I'm not an expert in NBU area and I was not able to find two things in Oracle Intelligent Policy. Is there any log files on the media server side from r...

Resolved! Number of Robots

HI All, 1) I recently installed Netbackup 7.6.1. The company was using 7.0 on Win Srv 2003 prioir. How can I export the catalog fom 7.0 and import to 7.6.1.   2) We are using MSL 4048 with two drives LTO-4. Is it normal that I have one robot?   ...

Resolved! How to collect oracle metadata with OIP policy

Hi all, I was testing some jobs with Oracle Intelligent Policy. I was wondering how it is possible to collect oracle metadata in that way so I can view in OpsCenter the instance backupped to be cloned. We were used to put in the RMAN script the NB...

MauroG by Level 3
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Netbackup Oracle intelligent policy - Oracle user privileges

Hi all, I am doing some tests on Oracle smart policies. I did not catch perfectly what should be the minimum set of privileges which configured oracle user must have to complete successfully the backup/restore operation. Do you have an idea about?...

MauroG by Level 3
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