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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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VMware backup failed with error 4207

Hello Team,   Backup of some vmware clients is getting failed with error 4207.   05/25/2016 19:39:53 - Critical bpbrm (pid=9848) from client FTL - VMware_freeze: VIXAPI freeze (VMware snapshot) failed with -1: Unrecognized e...

Resolved! Quires about Netbackup VMware Backup

  NBU Version:- OS: Solaris 10   Currently we have configured a VMware backup using the automatic selection in the policy and the selection is based on the datastore name. Here My question is 1. how to exclude a particular VM server bac...

Resolved! Throttle bandwidth on VMware backups

Any ideas how you would throttle the bandwidth of a media server that only does VMware VADP backups i.e. none of the clients have an agent installed. In the master server properties you can throttle bandwidth of the clients of a designated media ser...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Resolved! VM restore from Incremental backup

Hi Experts, I have recent incremental backups on july 5 and july 4 and full backup on july 3. I want july 5 version of VM. How do i select the vmdk file in java BAR console in netbackup. Can i select only july 5 incremental(such that it will automat...

Resolved! Mounted filesystem in VMware backup

Hi All,   I need a help. In VMware based backup will the external mounted filesystem in VM from storage devices like Netapp get backed up?

Resolved! Error 156 and 4207

Hi   I am encountering an error in Netbackup with the VmWare snapshot. Had a peak and i find 2 errors, 156 which is generally an error getting the snapshot, and the another error which says the following: Critical bpbrm (pid=35437) from client SVV...

Scheduler found no backups due to run(200) for VMWare backups

Apologies if this has been asked (and answered) before, but I couldn't find a solution. We have a windows 2008 master server running Netbackup and vmware backups with vCloud director integration enabled. The issue we are facing is that backup...

npais by Level 2
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Resolved! VIP policy and multiple IP addresses

Hi, We do our backups for VMs using NetBackup VIP policy. The last few days I have noticed that the Windows admins added a network interfaces to cluster nodes. The additional IP addresses are private IP addresses used only to communicate between the...

X2 by Moderator
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Resolved! Version of SYMCquiesce.iso to use with Netbackup

We have some x64 bit Linux 5.4 VMs which we want to perform a VM backup.  There is a requirement to use SYMCquiesce.iso.  Our Master/Media servers are There are two copies of the iso in \Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\goodies\vmware-qu...

Lee_C by Level 5
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Resolved! NBU 7.6.1, vSphere 6 and NFS 4.1 support

Hello, We are setting up a new vSphere 6.0 infrastructure with new NetApp NFS volumes (array is a 8060 in cDot 8.3) mounted with NFS 4.1. So I have added my new VC in NBU. Then I tried to backup a VM on my new Datastore and got the error: Error nb...

Resolved! How to backup Netapp Ex2724 San with Netbackup 6

Hi All   We have purchased a Netapp E series SAn EX2724,this can be managed only through SANtricity Stirage Manager Client. I need to know How I can configure Netbackup software v 7 to backup the LUN that is provided by the above NetappSAN to foll...

Resolved! VMDK Restore Using Command Line - Netbackup 7.5

Hi All, We are trying to automate the process of VMDK restore in Netback7.5 (Windows and Linux). Version 7.6 have direct command (nbrestorevm) to perform the process. But cant find any command for the same. Does anyone have done or have command to V...

Resolved! Netbackup Appliance VMWare configuration / Zoning

Hi All,   I'm just looking for some clarification on configuring VMWare backups using the agent.   My master is running as are our 5230 Appliances and vSphere is 5.5 so support is not an issue. I've set aside two ports on each appliance ...

Resolved! NBU 7.6 for VMware and transport mode SAN

Hi   This is my enviroment: Master / Media server on the same host: Windows 2012 R2 physical server with FC dual port connected to a two fabric SAN Brocade 6505. vCenter 5.1 on a virtual machine Windows 2012 R2. Backup virtual machines from 15 E...

larjona by Level 3
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