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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Restore from netbackup to EMC via NDMP

Hi I am after some pointers with my netbackup 7.7 restore problem.I have group of netbackup tapes that I have imported from a previous system many years ago.  They are of a netbackup that was taken from a an EMC Celerra NAS via NDMP.  With the tapes ...

Resolved! DRP in OST with EMC DDBoost - Transfer backup load to 2nd appliance

People, Hi ! This is NetBackup 7.1 Let's say I have 2 Sites, each with 1 DataDomain Appliance, 1 Media Server with DDBoost, and clients on both sites. Pipe between the 2 sites is good enough for bi-directional replication. I need by default 2 SLP as ...

totolitoto by Level 3
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NDMP Restore getting hung

Hi, the backup which was duplicated from one media server is not able restore from other media server Master OS -- > Solaris 10, NBU Media ( where the backups duplicated ) server -- > 6.5.6, SUSE Linux 10 Media ( from Where we are trying to r...

Guduru by Level 4
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Resolved! Duplication Jobs running wild

After rebooting my NBU servers, I have over a thousand Duplication jobs trying to run.  A little info:  We have 2 DD670's.  Half backups go to one, half to the other, then each backup duplicates to the other DD670 after the backup completes.   All th...

NetBackup with DataDomain and Status 2106

(1) Master/Media Server Windows 2008 R2 Standard (3) Media Servers Windows 2008 R2 Standard (2) DataDomain DD670's Monday, I disabled all backup policies.  Then I shutdown NetBackup on all 4 severs.  Then I did a shutdown on 1 DataDomain so that...

Resolved! Media Server / SLP Duplication Question

I'm curious about how NetBackup decides which media servers should be used for SLP duplications.   We have 2 Data Domains which we back up to, with a total of 4 media servers; these servers are then grouped in load balanced pairs. Generally our polic...

Resolved! Data centre migration - NetBackup BMR for Solaris clients

Need some advise on migration strategy to migrate Solaris based physical clients from one DC to another. The target DC is a different NetBackup domain. The client data is hosted on EMC and NetApp storage. There is no network connectivity between sour...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! Monitor replication between NBU with 2 EMC DataDomains?

Does anyone know how to view the actual replication status of the EMC DataDomain systems when you use the OST plugin with Netbackup 7.1 to write to the EMC systems?  NBU is configured to write to both the local and target DD boxes and I do have "dupl...

Resolved! NBU 7.1 with EMC DataDomains replicating - config advice

Howdy I just inherited an nbu 7.1 server that has many policies with a variety of clients, Windows, Exchange, Unix, SQL, etc.  The policies seem OK so far, I've used NBU a good amount, but not with disk based storage like this EMC DD. I found some su...

Resolved! Netbackup/VSS client launching VNX snap

I have a Netbackup client launching a VNX snapshot even though the policy option "Perform snapshot backups" is disabled. My guess is that even thought the policy is not set to do snaps the VSS 4.6 provider is finding the LUN on the VNX and th...

Resolved! NDMP Backup of EMC Celerra file

Hi all, I am atempting to do a backup an NFS share on the EMC Celerra. I have created NDMP user on the Celerra and tested to ensure that it was working fine by ftp'ing from the Control Station to the data mover. When I attempt to setup New NDMP host ...

Resolved! Seeding Data Domains and Netbackup OST

We are in the process of implementing our first OST based Storage Units using Data Domains and Storage Life Cycle Policies. I have the 2 DD's all configured and working in the test lab and everything is running great. Here is the basic config Media s...

Jared_Swan by Level 3
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NAS & "network connection timed out(41)"

I’m getting the following error when backing up my NAS sometimes “network connection timed out(41)”. I saw that you can change the client properties from a 300 second timeout to something higher.  However, I was if someone has done anything else to f...

VNX 5300 NDMP local storage error

  Hi,     We have a problem with a NDMP backup using NetBackup 7.0.1, Backups to a media manager storage unit (through the network) have no problem and have good performance, but local backups to a NDMP media manager storage units (tape drive connect...

CJACUNAD by Level 3
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Resolved! Backup NAS directory

Hi Folks, if I need to do a backup of just one directory on a NAS client how can I go about doing this? Do all NAS backups have to be performed using NDMP? Thanks!

Resolved! Managing Tape Library Directly Connected to Unified VNX 3500

I want to have an end solution where client backups are stored on disk for a period and also copied over to tape. At the moment the solution I have is working but performance is poor. In my current solution I have a Tape Library unit directly connect...

Ignoring Stub Files

Can we filter our Backup Policy based on file size. Regardless of whether or not it is a stub file. Can we backup files ONLY greater than 8k? or by file creation date. Currently we have a process that we purchased (Rainfinity from EMC)  that takes im...

upgrade EMC EDL’s to V3.3.1

We are planning to upgrade EMC EDL’s to V3.3.1;want to know are there any known errors/updates. Current version of EDL used is v3.2 (Build 1811.0.02)

Resolved! Trouble with BLIB of Netbackup and incremental backup

Hi, recently I've upgraded my backup infrastructure to the of Netbackup (coming from 7.1 version) Everything was ok except for an incremental backup of a huge vm (this vm was the only one that we used to backup in this way) where is installed...

riker82 by Level 3
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DD LSU question

Can someone tell me if the number of LSUs configured on a system effects dedupe ratio and overall performance of the DD box? i see that in best practices it is recommended that one LSU is created per Netbackup environment. i do have more than LSU con...

X_S by Level 4
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